Dave Biller: More Than Just a Pedal Steel Player

Dave Biller: More Than Only a Pedal Metal Player

20130413_MSGNYC_Dave2 Fortunately, the Web and YouTube have made discovering new musicians all over the place the sector more uncomplicated than ever. A few incredible guitar gamers in countries I've never been to have made their way onto my computer monitor.
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Guitar John Lennon Offered For $408000

After playing the guitar, Lennon gave it as a 25th birthday present to Alexis “Magic Alex” Mardas, a member of The Beatles' inner circle in the Sixties. A plaque on the back reads: “To Magic Alex/ Alexi thanks/ for been [sic] a pal/ 2-5-1967 John.” …
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Cairo's Guitar Hero

A lively argument is heard coming from inside; Adel Sakr in opposition to his three daughters. The daughters make a excellent case and ultimately the father provides in. Sakr could also be a legendary luthier within the metropolis's tune scene but he is a household man before everything.
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Guitar Learning Secret 4 No Music Theory First

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. When learning a skill like guitar, it might seem natural to try to understand the concepts first, then practice the skills. I can tell you from my own experience, and that of many others, that it just doesn’t work.

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Learning Guitar? Don’t Study Music Theory First

Hi there, I’m Tomas Michaud from Real Guitar Awesomeness and Starland Guitar School of Music. Our intellect – it’s a wonderful thing As an adult it is something we rely on every day of our life however when it comes to learning guitar try to understand the music theory first and how everything works as a significant roadblock to learning to playing.

When I was a young man, I took Celsa dance lessons it was a lot of fun and as a single guy it was a great way to meet women but any woman who has ever danced with a guy who is trying to think out every step and every movement cannot test how painful it is. It just doesn’t work. Starting out by trying to understand music theory doesn’t work when learning to play guitar either.

Once you engaged that analytical part of your mind it’s difficult to let it go. Try to understand or grasp the why gets in the way of two of the things that really do work so what really does work when learning guitar? of course, there’s lots involved in learning to play a complex skill like an instrument but I wanna give you a four steps process that you can use as a guide for your first learning.

The first step is to Chunk It Down second would be to apply repetition and third get feedback and finally make adjustments. Let me show you a simple lesson to demonstrate this process. Now the material is not what is important. I want you to get the process and be able to apply it to your own learning experience. Now to demonstrate this four steps, I’m gonna teach you a very simple little blues lick sounds like this (strumming) now the part that we’re gonna concentrate on is just this, we’re gonna chunk it down (strumming). The introduction is actually four chords going down, half step at a time chromatically so let’s chunk it down. First thing to do is maybe is practice the chords, it’s 3 notes. I’m using the 9th fret and 3rd string. I have my first finger on the 8th fret 2nd string and 3rd finger on the 1st string 9th fret. I would first just practice the note and just get the chords and go down by half steps. I’m really just playing the top 3 notes so applying this process I practice that then I would apply that fingerpicking part, 9th fret so the fingerpicking part I’ll start on just one chord, it’s the third string first and then the first string down the second and then third now you can use the pick just easily –3rd string, 1st, 2nd, 3rd then I would practice the chords and fingerpicking together, going down the half step. Now repeat that many times. First slowly and look for little adjustments. Now to make adjustments, you need some kind of feedback.

The first feedback is from your ears. You’re listening and making decisions by what you hear or what kind of adjustments to make. There are other types of adjustments. Of course, you could be looking at a video and comparing what you’re doing. You could be listening to an audio and comparing if you sound like the audio and of course all of these one is if you have a teacher. The teacher might be playing something and telling you, you’re given verbal feedback – No, do it this way. No, try it this way but one of the most important feedback really is to listen regardless of whatever your teacher or copying somebody else. Listening is what makes it musical in the long run so this is how it fits into the leak and I would go on to chunk down other parts of the song little by little and put it all together.

Thank you for joining me today in that short lesson. I hope to see you in the next lesson if you’re working just anywhere but on my blog please go to my blog and get the full lesson. Bye for now.

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