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Rhode Island Novelty (Pack of 12) Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar

Rhode Island Novelty (Pack of 12) Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar: Toys & Games

Amazon Price: $5.99 (as of February 20, 2018 7:20 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Make rock celebrities out of all the guests at your rock-n-roll celebration! Give each of them among these 22" inflatable plastic guitars. Additionally wonderful as event decors. They can be found in various colors. Each listing is for a pack of 12 inflatable guitars although image could show less.

Customer Reviews

Not NEARLY as cute as pictured. All of the guitars we received were black or white.

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 on October 5, 2016
By Supermommy of 3
These were just okay, but not NEARLY as cute as pictured. They inflated fine and seemed to stay inflated fine. They curved and/or twisted slightly when inflated, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. We received none of the colors pictured. In fact, we received no “colors” at all… All of the guitars we received were black or white. The whole guitar was one color (body, neck, head) – either black or white. Again, the kids didn’t seem to mind (because they didn’t realize there had been other color choices). It bothered me because the rest of the rock star party theme was very colorful like the ones pictured, so these seemed so plain and un-fun.

Good product; colors not as pictured (ok for us, but if you need specific colors be aware)

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 on March 26, 2015
By K. Ryall
Second time buying these — loved them so much the first time (a year ago). 2 dozen each time. Same quality this time (one dud), but they changed up the colors. In 2015 we received pink, light blue (as pictured), dark blue, and orange (not pictured). I’m not a huge fan of the dark blue, and they seem to be more squishy (maybe something with the valve?) but they will do for our “rock it out” themed party. In 2014 received pink, light blue, red, and green (as pictured). This year purchased a foot pump to help with inflation. I liked it; my husband prefers just to blow it up like a balloon. We paired with inflatable microphones and 80s glasses (both years) and this year added in funny hats and bead necklaces. Co-ed party for 6 year olds. Used all the props during part of the party, and then had kids take them home in lieu of a separate good bag.

Not pleased! Not as pictured!

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 on March 30, 2014
By PoppetLady
These are dinky wee guitars and are not the ones shown in the picture. I had bought some 42″ guitars ( previously for a party, and wanted to buy the same again. I saw the picture for this item, recognized the guitars as the ones I wanted and so bought them. My bad for not reading the item description, but these are 22 INCHES long and therefore only suitable for a child of say 3 years old, not the 6-year-olds at my son’s party (who are no doubt wondering why they were given inflatable ukeleles in their goody bags). I didn’t realize this until after the party so obviously returning or exchanging them are options at this point.

Very disappointed with ALL PINK guitars……

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 on April 27, 2015
By Megan
I just received my order after much anticipation and I am SO disappointed to find out that I got all PINK guitars. I was expecting “assorted” colors, as stated in the description. I don’t think that boys are going to be very excited about PINK guitars and I really didn’t want them to all be any one color.. Both the picture and the description state ASSORTED COLORS. Waiting a month to find out that I didn’t get what was described for my upcoming party is frustrating..


 on June 7, 2017
By LUv2Read443
Disappointed in this product. These are NOT the same size guitars you see at the carnival. They are very small, perhaps a little bit longer than a water bottle.

Not what I expected at all.

 on January 8, 2018
By Derek Tjoelker
I knew these guitars would be smaller than average but I was not expecting them to be this small! They didn’t even impress the 5 year olds at the rock n roll birthday party! And worst of all they didnt even hold air. The first one I blew up was already deflated by the time I was onto the next one… very disappointed.

Great for preschoolers

 on July 5, 2016
By hollydlteacher
I ordered these for my church kids and they are great. The guitars are a good size for preschool and toddlers. They are small but the designs are well done and you receive 3 of each color: red, green, blue and pink. I only had trouble with one as far as inflating them. The air stayed in the rest after I blew them up. These worked for what I needed and were great.

and my 5 year-old nieces really had fun playing with them at my wedding

 on November 12, 2016
These were really small, and I wish I got the larger size. Because they’re so small, it makes it difficult to inflate them fully. I got the larger size before, and my 5 year-old nieces really had fun playing with them at my wedding. I handed these out to the neighborhood kids for Halloween, but I wasn’t terribly impressed.

Smaller than I expected

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 on October 23, 2015
By KabRenee
So deceiving… The pics of lil kids makes the guitars look bigger. I couldn’t even blow one up without a balloon pump lol. I thought they could at least be used for props for 10 year olds but the 2 yr olds would luv these. Great for filling in decor for theme party. I gave mine away in a raffle so it was a win win for me n the kids. The 5th graders had there own fun with them. So it worked out

Do NOT buy!

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 on January 29, 2017
By Jaime Cancellieri
Colors weren’t really assorted as described. I received only gold and silver. Was hoping for primary colors as pictured for a toddler’s birthday party. I also read reviews that these were toddler-sized and too small for children. The ones I received were WAAAAYYYY too big for toddlers. They were adult-sized. I ordered the guitars early and opened a couple upon arrival to check them. One leaked air, but I blamed it on the kids for poking a hole— or so I thought . . . because we actually pulled them all out to use for our party this weekend and about half held air. The others all had holes and leaky seams. Not surprising since the copywrite date was 1989 and they smelled like 80’s plastic. This was a huge waste of money! But more importantly, it was a huge disappointment for my little birthday girl. I wish I had returned them upon opening instead of giving them a chance. Lesson learned.

[Best Seller] Rhode Island Novelty (Pack Of 12) Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar

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Guitars measure 22" tall Assorted colors 12 per pack, Inflatable Styles, colors

may vary

[Best Seller] Rhode Island Novelty (Pack Of 12) Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar
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