Basic guitar lesson for beginners 1 of 20 (Hindi)

Basic guitar lesson for beginners 1 of 20 (Hindi)

Lesson 1: introduction to basic guitar course, parts of guitar, standard tuning, and note identification over fret-board, strings of guitar on staff notation, Part-2: finger gym 1st, and 1stfinger picking exercise.

There are 20 lessons drafted for this course, one lesson a week in manner, An average person will take approximately 6 month to complete it; (A practice of minimum 3 hours is needed complete each weekly lessons.)
* If One goes through these lessons according to training manner he/she would be able to-

1. Fully understand guitar and its music concepts from very beginning,

2. Will learn all kinds of popular scales including diatonic, pentatonic and blues scales.

3. Play and understand different kinds of chords played on guitar i.e. major, minor, 7th, 9th, sus2, sus4, add, dim, and power chords, bar chords etc. you will learn how chords are formed.

4. Learn all popular rhythms used in western songs as well as Bollywood songs.

5. figure-out scale (key) and chords and rhythm pattern for much of Bollywood songs, alone.

6. Understand basics of western music theory as well as reading and writing of music notations / staff notions and tabulation (tab).

7. And above all, this will be base of solid ground in music, would possess basic knowledge of western music, and of guitar, would be able to understand music language, style, and all other terms used on You-tube and elsewhere in music/ guitar tutorials, can also go ahead in music.