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Spanish Guitar School reveals secrets, tips and tricks for mastering the Art of Flamenco guitar, through the set of very comprehensive video tutorials about Flamenco Harmony, Techniques and Forms. There is a special feature, called The Loop Player, which enables you to effectively learn Flamenco Rhythm (Compás) by playing along the highest quality Flamenco Percussion Samples of Cajón, Palmas and many other percussion instruments…
Also, considering the fact that almost all guitarristas have serious problems with their nails, there is a full chapter of video tutorials, that will teach you how to properly form and maintain your nails, in order to achieve that rich tone and properly play any finger technique.This is probably the most comprehensive and methodical learning tool out-there for learning and mastering the Art of Flamenco Guitar, starting from the complete newbie level up to Master Class…
Spanish Guitar School introduces the method that will enable you to play Flamenco in a short period of time. The tutorials are organized in 4 different categories:
All the video tutorials are in Full HD resolution, with option to choose the language, between English and Spanish audio. The Loop Player with Flamenco Percussion Samples Database, will help you get the clearest picture about the compas, but you can also use The Library to play along and practice with the highest quality “organic” samples of cajon, palmas, shaker, djembe, congas, bongos, maracas, etc… All is sampled from the real flamenco music. Every beat of every group of beats is marked, so you can easily see what is where, and develop an inner feeling for the rhythm…

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