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D’Addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings, Medium, 50-105, Long Scale

Buy D'Addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings, Medium, 50-105, Long Scale: Bass Guitar Strings – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • My bass fretless groove. Custom VLČEK fretless bass Knight semi-hollow. D’addario nylon tapewound.
  • Fretless bass cover "For Elise".VLČEK bass guitar Knight semi-hollow. D’addario nylon tape.
Amazon Price: $38.69 $38.69 (as of May 26, 2018 4:32 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Designed to produce a deep, warm tone with smooth feel, D’Addario Tape wound Bass strings are wound using a flattened black nylon which is polished to an ultra-smooth finish. These long-lasting, well-balanced strings are expertly engineered to provide optimal tension and are gauged to fit properly on standard bass saddles and nuts. Tape wounds may be used on fretted or fretless basses and are designed to deliver a vintage tone ranging from the thump of an upright bass to the focused depth of traditional flat wound strings.

Customer Reviews

Gentle on your fingers, and a classical bass sound. Beginners and anyone who doesn’t hate their fingers should start here.

 on December 3, 2016
By Joshua T Blanchard
As a beginning electric bass player, I was incredibly put off of practice due to feeling like my fingers were being run over a cheese grater. I have no compunction for believing that it shouldn’t be necessary to mutilate your body to learn a musical instrument, and so I began to seek some alternative. I found these, and my fingers and I couldn’t be happier.

Don’t trust the Scale Length

 on September 10, 2015
By Professor
First off, I’m a huge fan of D’addario. I have them on everything I own. The description claims to fit “up to 32″ scale” but I put them on my 32″ ibanez acoustic/electric and each string had an inch or more of the cloth wrapping on my fretboard.

Perfect for fretless!

 on December 19, 2016
By Gregory Besaw
Absolutely terrific! The last time I bough tapewound strings was 1994 and the overwrap was literally wound nylon flat tape…unraveled when you cut it, wore at the bridge, etc. These seem to be a uniform coating or sheath, looks almost like heat shrink but obviously much thinner and flexible.

Love em

 on February 5, 2015
By Tristanism
I love these strings. I’ve only played with them a couple hours, so I can’t speak to their longevity. I was afraid the sound would be too dull or muddy or something – based on some online videos with poor audio, and all the talk about this giving you a more old school or upright bass sound. After researching like crazy online, and watching the few YouTube videos demonstrating these (which, by the way, the D’Addario official promo video of these has really muddy, awful sound…this video seems to represent them the best, from what I can tell: Anyway, they do give a much smoother sound than my previous roundwound strings, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it sounds much like an upright bass. It simply sounds smooth and deeper than roundwounds. But, if you want to play hard on them to get more punch, they have that too. They just don’t have that metallic ring to them. I love how smooth they are, physically, and how I can slide up and down the fretboard with ease…these strings have helped make playing much more fun. Plus, if you’re an aesthetics nerd like me, the fact that their black is a big plus…makes my bass just look more badass than it did already…with a blue body, pewter components and black fretboard….

An item almost impossible to find locally here in Australia bought easily and much cheaper via Amazon………..

 on January 21, 2015
By Rod Harper
I have been playing electric bass for some 27 years now and 15 years ago I built and kept two of my last of about ten basses. Of these two the last was a fretless long scale five string which I have been using with ‘D’Addario Nickel Round Wound’ strings. For Jazz,they felt and sounded pretty good, but the strings were a bit savage on the fingerboard and perhaps a bit too bright.

So far so good, easy on the fingers too.

 on June 26, 2017
By freddg
Tried these on my short scale Gretsch bass (30.3). I took the advice and ordered the medium scale rather than the short scale. I think the short scale would have fit fine. I did have to cut about 4″ off to make these work. But they sit fine. For some reason the short scale were 5 bucks more so save yourself some cash and get the medium scale. These are really easy on your fingers. The sound seems a little muted, but the tone was unchanged. Overall I am pleased, we will see how they do down the road. The black tape does look cool.

Length, Sound, Feel, Intonation (4 or 5 string set)

 on November 6, 2012
By Big Woo
Know what you want! Do you want an INDIVIDUAL and more defined warm, fat, steel string sound (D’Addario Chromes), or do you want the duller, broader thump of a nylon (D’Addario Tapewound)that BLENDS IN more with the rest of the sound? If you’re not sure, listen to some sound bites on youtube.

Try them…a Nice String

 on February 10, 2015
By Tom.
Over the course of the last 8 months or so I have been on a bit of a String Quest…and have tried a Lot of different strings from DR, GHS, D’Addario, Carvin, Ernie Ball, Dunlop, La Bella and Fender…frankly, this started getting expensive…. I have a few Basses, but specifically I wanted something for my Carvin SB 4000, which is somewhat similar to a Fender Jazz, and I Really Love it, it’s a beautiful Instrument.

Great tone, great feel.

 on October 24, 2017
By David M
Great sound, awesome feel. They have the tone somewhere between a roundwound and a flatwound with the smooth feel of a flatwound. Not quite as bright as a roundwound but nowhere as ‘dead’ sounding as flatwound. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

Not Long Enough

 on April 30, 2018
By Everhett Jobe
The strings describe an XL long scale length of 34” and a string scale length of 36” 1/4. My bass is a 35” scale (Schecter riot 5) and these were the longest nylon tapewound I could find. Got them in and they are just 1/2-1” short of spanning the entire fret board with nylon. My bass strings go through body, maybe that wasn’t considered in their measuring.
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