EASY BLUES GUITAR DVD: Blues Guitar Lessons For Beginner Through Intermediate

Easy, 1 Finger Standard Blues Riffs and Turn Arounds, 2 Finger Blues Scales and also Chords, 3 Finger Blues Chords and also THE MILLION DOLLAR SCALE 4 Finger Intermediate Blues Guitar … With Complete Tunes At Each Level!

Blues Rhythms
Blues Riffs
Blues Techniques 5 Blues Songs
Tips On Improvising
Amp & Effects Settings Blues Solos
Trick Changes
And also More …

If you wish to discover how to play Blues Guitar, look no further You have actually found the ultimate training course with EASY BLUES GUITAR DVD! Professional guitar teacher Mark John Sternal starts you out with easy power chords, riffs, methods as well as strategies that develop the foundation of Blues Guitar. Each lesson is presented with complete as well as descriptive guidelines, adhered to by a slowed-down practice area which will certainly insure that anyone, at any type of degree, can play each exercise. These exercises are later on incorporated to develop complete Blues Songs. Each Blues Song and also Blues Guitar Solo is presented at a sluggish, tool as well as rapid pace, permitting you to play along and also build up your Blues Guitar Chops!

Defeats Per Minute (BPM) variety from EASY 50 BPM technique tempos as well as considerably raise to FAST BLUES GUITAR at 140 BPM!

Runtime: 2 hrs 9 mins
Just $12.95!