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EASY METAL GUITAR video VIDEO Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons For Beginner To Intermediate

Buy EASY METAL GUITAR video VIDEO Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons For Beginner To Intermediate: Read 31 Movies & TV Reviews –

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Video !!! Great Value !!!

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 on October 1, 2015
By Jimy Kraus
I am very impressed with this DVD. Mark John Sternal is an excellent instructor, The close up filming makes learning really easy. It starts out at a slow easy pace and gradually speeds up. I was able to make something that sounded like music as opposed to what sounded like a cat being murdered before !!!! I did such after only watching the DVD for less than an hour !!! This video will give you a great start to being able to play music. I plan on buying more of these videos after I have mastered what this one contains. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to play heavy metal music. Most music teachers want to teach you traditional cords and music theory and after several visits (and a couple hundred bucks) you still can’t play anything that sounds cool. With this video you will be able to play cool metal riffs after just a few hours. I am still taking professional music lessons, but now I am getting more out of each lesson than I ever did before !!! This video has kept me interested in learning to play where before I was frustrated and about to give up on learning to play. This DVD touches lightly on how to adjust your amp and a little bit on effects pedals… I would like to find a video that is more extensive on how to use those.

Fast paced, but thorough.

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 on February 5, 2014
By Michael Livote
I like a no nonsense approach to learning new stuff, and this course is a very to the point approach to learning serious Metal guitar. There’s little fluff to get in the way of learning the proper way to play Metal, and it’s pretty fast paced with a great method(tempo)employed to help you get the chords down in a jiffy. Great additional items are also included ,like a proper gear list to get the great Metal sound and tips on how to use said equipment, nice.

Pretty good for beginner

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 on February 24, 2012
By Jacob Valenzuela
I am fairly new to guitar and found this dvd. I could not find much info on it so i rented it. I scanned through it before i tried to play it and was disappointed. Next day i sat down and played along and was very happy. The instructor’s method of teaching was very good, he actually approached the teaching as if it was on dvd as opposed to others that just explain and play. He would slowly show you how and where to play notes/chords and the music tabs were directly below him playing which was awesome. He then would play it in a “play along” style (tabs on screen) to a metronome. I felt that this approach was very helpful and kept me interested. It was pretty basic stuff but it all came together to make different songs which i liked. I would have given int 5 stars if i could access the music tabs but i could not and suspect that if you purchase via download you would have the same issue. The only other dvd set i have tried was Rock House Method’s Rock guitar and i enjoyed the Easy Metal Guitar video a bit more.

Worth every penny

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 on January 17, 2015
By customer
I have a number of dvd’s by Mr. Sternal and every one of them are great and present a lot of information. I think these dvd’s are a great addition to any collection, even if you’re familiar with a subject the dvd’s are laid out in a way that makes them very easy to look up a subject and see it explained in detail.

Buy the DVD version

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 on March 11, 2014
By Amazon Customer
It is a cool video, but I bought the Amazon instant video. It does not have the bonus stuff such as the play along and the guitar chords guide referred to in the video constantly. I wish I had just bought the DVD instead. Amazon you should definitely include it or not put it up for an online video.

Not Sure About Intermediate but Definitely for the Beginner

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 on May 11, 2012
By Brother MOLOCH 969
I play guitar and have played since the late 80s but am by no means a maestro on the instrument and am always trying to find a new way to do what I enjoy doing. Mark John Sternal has done an acceptable job with how he shows a simple way to play some of the typical things Heavy Metal guitarists play like chuggin on the low E string as well as using a scale (here he uses the E minor pentatonic scale) and explains why he’s doing and how he’s going to do it.

He talks about a lot of different products and set-ups and if you already know the basics of how to play it will be very boring

 on March 31, 2017
By John Dunnavant
Ok product was delivered on time , it is as stated but for me seems kind of very elementary. He talks about a lot of different products and set-ups and if you already know the basics of how to play it will be very boring

This guitar video is exactly what it says it is …

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 on January 4, 2016
By G$
This guitar video is exactly what it says it is. I wish more of these instructional DVD’s were as accurate in their description. This is really basic stuff. If you are an intermediate player – you should probably skip this one – most of it is stuff you already know.

Does exactly what it says…

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 on February 28, 2012
By Johnston Owl
I’m a self-taught church keyboard player for over 10 years and beginner classical/pianist, I’ve been playing and learning guitar on the side for 5 maybe 6 years. When I purchased this for direct download I didn’t know what to expect. But when I played it for the first time I ended up finding a tremendous amount of information although I already know how to use and am proficient at “Power Chords”, this video includes much more than power chords. You’ll learn many “riffs”, “solos”, and “hammer-ons” used in modern metal songs. The techniques and chords he shows you can all be put together to play different “songs” and I guarantee every time that you watch this video you will find something worth while. He slows down so he could teach you how to play it step-by-step, then he teaches you to keep the pulse or the rhythm by adding a metronome. I’ll admit that this video doesn’t cover everything that you’d need to know but if you want to be a well-rounded guitarist you need to add as many playing style to your arsenal as possible. Every guitarist aspiring, beginner, or intermediate should buy this.

Great instructional video

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 on March 6, 2014
By David W
I’ve only been through this once so I don’t have it down yet.

THE HEAVY METAL SCALE - Guitar Lesson - Randy Rhoads - Kirk Hammett - Dimebag Darrell - Slash

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