Fade To Black Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Metallica – Intro & Verse

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With this Fade To Black guitar lesson series we are gonna tackle one of my favorite Metallica songs in it's entirety.

Fade To Black has lots of interesting guitar parts to dig our teeth into including arpeggiated picking, fast palm muted rhythms, single note triplet sequences and fast repetitive legato licks and more!

In this Fade To Black guitar lesson series of videos I will take you through all of those cool guitar parts throughout 4 video lessons.

Take your time with some of the solo sections. For any fast guitar line you can usually isolate it and create a little repetitive exercise out of it that will help your hands get it down faster. In fact, that is pretty much what you should do with any technical hurdle that you may come across on the guitar.

Fade To Black is an absolute classic by Metallica off of their incredible Ride The Lightning album. I listened to this album almost constantly when I was a teen and this track always held a special place with me. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Good Luck! Carl..

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