Free Online Guitar Lesson #10 – Beginners Guitar Course

Welcome to "Free Online Guitar Lesson #10 of the Beginners Guitar Course — D7 Chord and A-Minor Chord". For easier navigation in between the lessons, access to the Online Metronome, Online Guitar Tuner and other resources, please click on the link below. Don't worry, everything is free and there is no email-sign-up required:

Alright, as you know, most to the lessons that come with the free online guitar course for beginners not only feature a video, but also a worksheet. Here is your link from where you can/open and download your worksheet with detailed instructions that should help you learning both, the D7 Chord and well as the A-Minor Chord:

The good news for today's free guitar lesson: the two chords are relatively easy to learn. Usually, my students really don't struggle with either one of them. Yet, both the D7 and Am Guitar Chord are important, because you will find them in tons songs, from beginner to professional level.

I encourage you to follow the exercises I showed you in the video and the ones that I outlined for you in the worksheet that comes along with this guitar lesson. Speaking of the worksheet: you probably noticed already that I always try to give you exercises that combine some of the chords we already learned in previous guitar lessons with the new ones. Not only does this help to refresh your memory, but it also provides a basis for us to tackle our next few songs. Because as you proceed with the Beginners guitar Course, you will have many new songs coming along your way.

As always, once you are familiar with the new chords, it is important that you practice playing them with a steady beat. And you probably heard me saying this before, but please make sure that you do incorporate a metronome into your daily exercises. It will pay off big time down the road.

If you have any questions, please just post them here under the video. I will try my best to personally answer all of them in a very timely fashion. Alternatively, you can go over to my website's contact page and send me an email. Here is the link:

I'm know for going above and beyond when it comes to helping my students. However, please understand that based on the volume of questions I receive, it might just take a little longer to answer. Therefore, I do recommend that you just post your question as a comment here under the respective video. That way, you may have other viewers/students jumping in an provide you with a more timely answer.

Your guitar teacher,
Dieter Ulrich Peise

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