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Alright, as you know, most to the lessons that come with the for beginners not only feature a video, but also a worksheet. Here is your link from where you can/open and download your worksheet with detailed instructions that should help you learning the F-Major Chord

Well, there it is. The dreaded F-Chord, the nightmare of all guitar beginners. I can obviously understand why most folks who are new to the instrument really hate this chord. It’s a bar chord, which means your index finger has to cover all six strings at the same time, while all of your other fingers also have an important job to do. To make matters worse, the position of this chord on your fret-board will require you to build a good amount of strength in your fingers and wrist – play so close to the nut means that there’s more tension on the strings. And that’s actually one of the reasons why I believe guitars starters should take their first steps on a nylon string guitar. It will be much easier on the fingers.

Are there any “F-Guitar Chord Workarounds”? Yes, there are. I actually put a video together on this. Here is the link:

But to be clear, this workaround should only be used as a last resort alternative. I strongly recommend that you learn the F-Chord the right way on your guitar. Yes, it will require time. And yes, it will be a bit of a pain in the neck. But believe me, if you try to avoid this hurdle, it will only hurt you in the long run, because you will be limiting yourself. Conversely, if you put in the work now and learn how to play the F Chord on guitar the right way – meaning as a full bar chord – you will broaden your spectrum of things you can play on guitar exponentially. Why? Because by merely shifting the same finger position across the fretboard, you can play different chords. We will discuss and practice this in the next lesson in more detail.

Also and lastly, there are certain exercises we can do to easy you into this F-Chord Guitar Challenge. Just watch and follow along, and your will see, before you even know it, the F-Chord will become second nature.

As always, if you need any help, contact me directly via my website – see the link here:

I'm known for going above and beyond when it comes to helping my students. However, please understand that based on the volume of questions I receive, it might just take a little longer to answer. Therefore, I do recommend that you just post your question as a comment here under the respective video. That way, you may have other viewers/students jumping in and provide you with a more timely answer.

Your guitar teacher,
Dieter Ulrich Peise

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