Guitar: The First 100 Jazz Chords for Guitar: How to Learn and Play Jazz Guitar Chords for Beginners

Get Inside the Rich Harmonies of Jazz Guitar Chords – The Easy Way!

• Learn to Play Every Important Jazz Chord on Guitar

• Master the 10 Essential Jazz Chord Sequences

• Apply the Theory and Language of Jazz Guitar

• Discover Jazz Guitar Chord Extensions, Alterations and Substitutions

• Use Altered Dominant Chords Confidently

• Simplify your playing into ‘Lite’ guide tone voicings

• Discover Drop 2 chords and inversions to open up the whole guitar neck…

The First 100 Jazz Chords for Guitar

• Do you struggle to understand how jazz chords work?

• Would you like an easy way to memorize and play all jazz chords on guitar?

• Do you want to confidently use extensions, alterations and chord substitutions?

• Do you want to quickly play the most common jazz chord sequences all over the guitar neck?

The First 100 Jazz Chords for Guitar is an easy step into confident jazz rhythm guitar playing

Here’s What You Get:

• A complete course, building from the first jazz guitar theory to help you memorize, understand and apply jazz chords musically.

• A comprehensive, yet simply phrased guide to the most important musical ideas used in jazz

• A complete system that shows you how to play all essential jazz chords, anywhere on the guitar neck

• An overview and application of chord substitution to create 9, 11 and 13 chords easily

• A course in Diminished substitution to easily create complex-sounding 7b9 chords

• Unlimited practice exercises in every key based around the cycle of fifths.

Bonus One: A complete system to simplify jazz chords into just four types so you can always play the tune.

Bonus Two: Master any chord sequence in any key with exercises around the cycle of fifths

A Simple, Comprehensive Method to Discover the Beautiful Richness of Jazz Guitar Chords.

*Please note, this book is formed from the initial parts of Guitar Chords in Context and Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery to create an accessible introduction to jazz guitar chords. If you own either of these books, you shouldn’t buy this title.*

Making the leap from ‘standard’ guitar chords into the rich world of Jazz harmony may seem daunting to the uninitiated…

…However, as much as the music schools and universities like to keep this information secretive and shrouded in mystery (and hefty tuition fees!), the truth is that the basics of jazz guitar chords are actually fairly simple… and all those complicated names and colors can be broken down into just four essential chord-types.

The First 100 Jazz Chords for Guitar starts from first principles, and quickly teaches you every chord you need to play any jazz tune. The theory is introduced in manageable, simplified chunks and there is a huge emphasis on actual playing… right from the start.

You will be smoothly introduced to the tools of the trade: chord extensions, alterations and substitutions before mastering drop 2 voicings, inversions, and other essential jazz tools that create beautiful music

The First 100 Jazz Chords for Guitar cuts through complicated theory with ease, and helps you play confident jazz guitar quickly and with confidence.

Hear It!

This title contains many supporting audio examples to make the music come alive.