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25 thoughts on “Gulabi Ankhein – Unplugged Guitar Lesson By VEER KUMAR”

  1. awesome bro. can you suggest me which company guitar should i buy …for beginners

  2. Sir you explain fine but with that please can you put up the strumming pattern in the description it sounds differ than you play for me its hard as i am beginner on these guitar. Yourfaithful jay.

  3. मुझे गिटार लेना है बजट 10000 है कौन सा लूं pls बताएं ।सबसे बेस्ट चाहता हूं ।किस कंपनी का सबसे बेहतर साउंड होगा

  4. you r too cute and it seems u r too innocent for this world. request u to not listen to the ill comments and continue doing the great job. god bless !!

  5. your work is pretty appreciable. Can you please upload some guitar lesson on western like.
    Yellow- Coldplay or many others it sounds lovely.

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