John Mayer Guitar Lesson on Periscope 2015

LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR WITH ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS! GET FREE GUITAR LESSONS TODAY! – Click here! John Mayer offered online lesson on Periscope with his PRS Guitar! 07/01/2015 I don't have any copyright. Big Thanks to John for this amazing lesson Facebook page:

John Mayer offered online lesson on Periscope with his PRS Guitar!

I don't have any copyright. Big Thanks to John for this amazing lesson

Facebook page:

John Mayer Guitar Lesson on Periscope 2015

John Mayer offered online lesson on Periscope with his PRS Guitar!

I don't have any copyright. Big Thanks to John for this amazing lesson

Facebook page:

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  1. I wear a watch — a big, heavy one, in fact — because I like to be able to see what time it is without getting my phone out of my pocket. It’s not uncomfortable, and it does not get in the way of my guitar playing. In fact, gigs are some of the most useful times to have a watch on; I don’t want to go digging my phone out while I’m on stage. Please stop pretending you can read people’s minds. You don’t know why anybody wears a watch unless you ask them.

  2. I don’t care much for John Mayer’s songs or his singing but I must admit he is an excellent guitarist. And this is coming from a fellow guitarist. I’ve been playing for 25 years. John Mayer is superb on guitar.

  3. John Mayer playing PRS guitars and wearing Rolexes? Cmon John you are cooler than that. PRS guitars are for dentists.

  4. PRS guitars are for people that enjoy great guitars just like Gibson, Fender, Martin, etc.. I would gladly go to any dentist that plays PRS.

  5. +Trees Music Chicago​
    And I am certain that you sing so much better than I do, too! You do sing, don’t you ? But you see, that’s great for you if that truly makes you happy. But for me, one way or the other, it will not pay my rent any differently. I told you long ago that I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch so please, help me understand how your playing better than everyone in the world matters in my life? I just don’t get it? Please explain….? Signed……, the eternal optimist!
    P.S., A guitar duel? I feel like I’m twelve again….., oh no, I’m hearing that twilight zone music again. I’m having acid flashbacks from the sixties again. Please, someone call my mom. Oh wait, she died long ago. My dad, oh no. He’s dead even longer. What the hell am I doing here? Oh, now I rememb………. THE END !!!

  6. Michiel K. like how Oscar Peterson said. You have to listen to Art Tatum at the right time cuz it’ll have the same effect.

  7. +Lawrence Kedz Watch John’s episode of “Talking Watches”. It’s not a superfluous display of one’s wealth necessarily. Many people buy nice watches to commemorate a major milestone in their life. Many people appreciate the esoteric aspect to the design and movement, how it goes with a certain suit, or looks tropical for certain occasions- whatever. Many people buy a certain watch because they love the horological aspect: Omega Speedmaster going to the moon, GMT Master for Pan-Am Pilots, Submariners for divers, etc, etc.

    Can someone buy a watch, encrust it with diamonds as a gaudy display of wealth? Sure. That’s their prerogative, regardless. We are all turned onto “superfluous” hobbies and possessions. Live and let live

  8. +Gibson Blues
    Hello Mr. Blues,
    All I did was voice my opinion on a watch. Certainly, I don’t mean to tell anyone what to do. But if Sir J. Mayer (god of guitars) can put out a video on watches, I thought that I should at least be able to write a column (lol) on them.
    As far as superfluous behavior, not everyone indulges in that sort of thing. First and foremost, I’m fairly certain that I’m just too dumb to afford such expensive trinkets and novelties.
    Ya’ thimk so too???(lol)
    Best to you my friend and keep on playing.

  9. polojic it’s his job it should be perfect and it is not difficult. Only for beginners or non guitarists.

  10. Evolution refugee celebration occasional attack steel study rat Palestinian how.

  11. I don’t like jm as a person, but to say he is a shitty guitarist is just big bull….. He is actually very talented.

  12. So because he was a cocky young guy in his early 20s and as a 20something people think poorly of this guy? For consensually fucking beautiful celebrity women people think poorly of him? He didn’t speak poorly of Jessica Simpson in his interview – he said she drove him wild and enjoyed having sex with her. I’m sure any man would agree. He didn’t go into details on what they did, he didn’t disrespect her in that way. He just said she drove him crazy. For making successful, albeit poppy music people hated him? It’s weird. He had to secure his financial future before he could go into blues and rock.

    Blues and rock aren’t exactly in a big place right now unfortunately, but pop music will always bring in money. Besides those tiny quirks early in his career, he’s been an awesome guy and an amazing, talented, absurdly fucking talented guitar. We shouldn’t care for some random person’s opinions on YouTube when legends like Clapton and King get behind John.

  13. HPM Boss So many butt wipes on here that think they’re better than John and everybody else. It’s not a competition, it’s music. It’s supposed to bring people together. You like who you like, you like who moves you.

  14. Use to bag pop stars and etc but this man is a musical genius and one of the best guitar players ever. top 10 easy.

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