Limelight Guitar Lesson – Rush

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In this Limelight guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of Alex Lifeson's guitar parts to this Rush classic, note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning E A D G B E.

There are some great riffs to learn in this one. The opening riff is instantly recognizable and launches the full band into a cool groove using lots of chords using open strings to give it that airy yet punchy sound.

The verse is relatively easy to play, but you need to watch out for some of the rhythmic twists that Rush throws at you.

The chorus briefly switches everything to a clean guitar sound with lots of chorus effect on it. The chords used here are a little unusual and might feel a bit odd getting them under your fingers. Halfway through the chorus the gain is kicked back in and the rhythm becomes more aggressive.

Alex Lifeson's solo is one of his most well known. It contains liberal use of the whammy/vibrato bar with lots of bar dives and scoops. Parts of this solo are really hard to recreate exactly like Alex plays it. I will give you some pointers along the way.

Pay close attention to the ending chorus section since it uses some chord voicings that aren't seen earlier in the song. The ending is also really cool!

I hope you guys enjoy this classic from Rush! #limelightguitarlesson #rush #guitarcovers


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