Nothing Else Matters Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Metallica – Intro & Chords

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In these Nothing Else Matters guitar lesson videos you will learn to play Metallica's biggest power ballad note for note.

Appearing on their mega successful Black Album, Nothing Else Matters was a pretty big departure for this legendary metal band.

The fingerstyle guitar intro is an absolute classic. It has lots of tricky little techniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, wide stretches and harmonics) within it. After the intro the verse section continues the fingerstyle playing with some really cool open position guitar work.

Overall, this Nothing Else Matters guitar lesson doesn't really go beyond the intermediate level technique wise, but it does display a large number of techniques.

Metallica also decided to change things up a bit with this one and have James Hetfield take the main guitar solo. The result is a blues based, highly melodic musical statement that is short but sweet with minimal technical challenges.

The first Nothing Else Matters guitar lesson video below demonstrates the intro and all of the clean guitar parts along with a few guitar fills.

Also in the first video lesson below is the instrumental clean guitar solo section of the song. Since this part is made up of quite a few guitar overdubs on the record, I have instead arranged it so it can be played on one guitar. There will be obvious parts that can't be played with just one guitar, but I think the arrangement is a good compromise to what is on the actual recording.

The second video is dedicated completely to the big guitar solo played by James Hetfield and the chords that are being played underneath it.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Carl..

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