Paul Gilbert – Rock Guitar Lessons from ArtistWorks

Since 2012, Paul Gilbert ( ) has been responding to videos submitted by his guitar students from all around the world. Each Video Exchange® contains Paul’s advice to the student about what they should practice next in order to get better. It might be the very thing you need to hear in order to improve your own playing – the key to unlock the door.

As a member you have access to the entire Video Exchange Library, which we have recently re-organized to make it easier to search at your convenience. There's over 2000 Video Exchanges® now, with more being recorded all the time.

What Paul offers is far more than online guitar lessons, we're inviting you to become one of his personal guitar students. You'll have access to hundreds of rock guitar lessons with multiple camera angles, slow motion isolation and video looping capabilities. Paul designed the lessons himself to cover everything you need to know about playing rock guitar, starting with how to hold a pick.

Paul gives you the blueprints for playing guitar like a pro as only a real rock star could.

Learn more and check out the free sample lessons at

Here's what some of Paul's students are saying:

“I've been playing sixteen years and never took a lesson because they looked miserably overwhelming. I watched the first eight of Paul's online guitar lessons in a row without even realizing it, and they immediately made me better.” – Aaron

"The best guitar lessons I have ever taken. Playing better than ever now!" – Greg Gonzalez

"The school is awesome! I have learned more in one year there than I have learned in all the rest of my years of guitar playing combined. I definitely recommend checking it out." – Paris Cloyd

"Paul is as far as I'm concerned, the best guitar teacher in the world and you guys have an awesome design and implementation. I've never felt so satisfied and learned so much from being subscribed to ANY other paid website. I'd seriously lose my Costco membership before I'd lose this one. Paul Gilbert through ArtistWorks has transformed both my playing and my overall enjoyment and love of music." – Todd Cullum

"What's really incredible about this format is that if you post a video, Paul will check it out and offer some helpful feedback. It's kind of crazy to think about, but if you're a member, that's what you get access to." – Bobby Kittleberge