Playing In Every Mode with ONE Tiny Scale Shape [GUITAR LESSON – MODES – MUSIC THEORY]

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Instead of learning thousands of scale shapes, why not just learn how to use the ones you already have? In this lesson, I'll be demonstrating how one tiny little scale shape can be wielded with infinite power to create all 7 different modal tonalities.

Hopefully this helps you all realize that whatever scale shapes you've learned are totally usable for any sort of modal playing. You just have to really understand the idea of modal tonality.

This is the third video where the prime goal is to help people understand modes, however this is speciically geared towards guitarists. The other two modal videos can be found here-
Meet the Modes:
Modes and Tonal Center:

Jam Tracks for each mode!

A Major (My Track):
G Dorian:
Sebastian Zunino:
E Phrygian (NCTRacks):
F Lydian (M&M Music):
C Mixolydian (Music Art):
E Minor (Superior Jam Tracks):
B Locrian(Six Strings):

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