Sadie Gustafson-Zook Releases “Keep Myself” April 8

sadie gustafson zook releases keep myself april 8

Gentle tension between chords mirrors the sentiment of the song: the struggle for closeness and independence within a relationship.

“How can I be alone so well until I remember what it is like to be loved?

Then I lose all my independence / Why can’t I keep myself when I’m with her?

Sin of Certainty unearths a new way of looking at identity, the world around us, and our community. Gustafson-Zook says, “I say ‘Sin’ of certainty because I don’t think that being certain should be something to strive for. Instead, I think we should uplift uncertainty, which can lead to so much growth and possibility.” Through delightful musical twists and turns, Gustafson-Zook shows that embracing uncertainty can deliver rays of wonder in unexpected places.

Sin of Certainty Track Listing

  1. Birdsong
  2. Maybe I Don’t Know
  3. Go Easy
  4. Keep Myself
  5. Lean In More
  6. Two
  7. Alewife
  8. Digestion
  9. Your Love Makes Me Smile
  10. Everyone

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