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Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin (Black)

Buy Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin (Black): Musical Instruments – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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Guitar, Bass and Violin Tuner

Customer Reviews

Snark problems resolved by using better batteries.

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 on January 3, 2017
By Servo
I have two Snarks and within short order, they both died. One had been in use for almost 2 years, the other only a couple months. I replaced the batteries but they both just stayed dead. I was contemplating writing a poor review of both but kept putting that off, finally, I googled the problem “snark tuner not working” and the first result in the list “Snark Tuner Tomfoolery…when a battery may not be what it appears to be…” matched my problem exactly. The author of the post, ljguitar, went to the trouble of measuring the batteries he was using with calipers and found that certain brands are thicker than others. I tried a different brand of battery ( 

Wish I would have bought one sooner

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 on March 5, 2016
By Denise E.
I scoffed at these at music stores, thinking “how many tuners does a person need”. I have an inline tuner and a tuner built into my pedal effects board. And yet, after an acoustic gig where plugging in was a problem, I broke down and bought myself one. I haven’t looked back. I’ve used it with my guitar, bass, and Uke.

Great little tuner.

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 on May 19, 2016
By Mark Wothe
I have about 5 different Snarks and they are hands down the best clip-on tuner out there. I’ve had several different brands and they ALL suck compared to the Snarks. Never a problem tracking whatsoever. The most basic model (this one) is actually the best out of all of them IMO. I’ve had to change batteries but they last a good while. The bright dial is perfect in every setting, it’s unobtrusive, and it always works regardless of what you’re doing with your volume level. The only drawback at all is that I wish the spring clamp was a little bit more stiff so as to clamp “harder”; for example on a standard Tele headstock there’s not a lot of real estate for it to grab onto so you may knock it off if you’re a spaz (I am). Gibsons, or any 6-on-a-side headstocks, are perfect. I never plug into a tuner anymore, this is just so much easier to use. And cheap! You could buy 10 of them for the cost of a new BOSS–and unless they’ve improved the BOSS markedly since the TU-2, they work way better.

Wonderfull little tuner for stringed instruments.

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 on March 9, 2017
WOW this is a nice tuner. I bought these for the 4 guitars we bought for our “Boys” ( 4Grandsons) for Christmas. I liked it so well that I bought one for my Guitar Go Bag. It works really well and is easy to find that sweet spot for each string of being in tune as the display is very fast acting and the colors are vivid and easy to see. It works great by just placing it on the head stock of the guitar with no need to have the guitar plugged into any amp. Its display adjust to whatever angle you need it to see it easily and the auto off feature is a nice extra. The price is very reasonable as well The vendor got these shipped to us in very good time.

Fantastic Tuner! A must have!

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 on May 19, 2014
By Sledman
I’ve been playing guitar for over 25 years and been through many different style of tuners. This is by far the best I’ve ever had. Not only is it accurate and easy to use, but it’s so convenient! Simply clip it to the head of the guitar, press the only button on the unit and start tuning. Also, unlike other tuners I’ve used, this tuner does a great job of filtering/ignoring ambient noise in the room. I can actually tune my guitar while having a conversation, even with the TV on in the room!

I originally had one more like the D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner

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 on September 27, 2016
By levi73044
Cheapest clip on tuner i could find. I originally had one more like the D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner. I lost the tuner due to the way it clips to the guitar. after ordering another ns micro, and losing it as well, I cheaped out and ordered this snark sn-5. My fear was being able to fit it in the case without removing. since i mostly use this one with my d28 acoustic, it fits fin in the case even if still clamped onto the headstock. i pity anyone still using pedal tuners.

Buy it while you can

 on September 1, 2016
By John A Fritz
great price. Best of the models. This model maybe discontinued so you can get it at a really great price. Like all the snarks, I find it very accurate and easy to use. I have used it on basses, guitars, cigar box guitars and ukuleles, all with great results. When the battery dies on one of these I buy another to have extras around the house. I do wish the dial was brighter If you see it buy it

The best tuner I have ever owned.

 on October 13, 2015
By West
I bought this almost 3 years ago and it is still working flawlessly. I have been getting more into theory lately and memorizing the fretboard notes and this works great for that as well as normal tuning. I move it around on my acoustic guitar, 2 electrics and electric bass and it is still working great. I only replaced the battery once which is one of the round flat kinds like 2032 or something like that. The only downside with this is when you are tuning the low B and E strings on on 5 string bass, it doesn’t always work very well. It is very hard to get it to pick up the low B string especially. I would imagine it would be next to useless on a 6 or 7 string bass. I only use bass for recording so it is not a big deal for me. That being said, I have no problem tuning my death metal guitar in B standard or even A standard. I really don’t know how I lived without this for so many years, highly recommended for guitar.

Every guitarist needs several of these

 on July 2, 2016
By Jo
I first got one of these in the guitar shop, and couldn’t believe how easy it is to use. What a difference — you can tune up in a loud room full of band members playing because it works off the vibrations. When I found them on Amazon I bought several more. There’s one in every room and one in my gig bag now. They cost twice as much at the guitar shop, BTW. I tune up them turn off to save battery life, and I think I got over a year on one battery. The batteries are the little disk Energizer 2032, which are about the size of a nickel and cost around a buck each. Easy to replace. For anybody who remembers having to tune up by ear on the 5th fret on an acoustic or a meter-style plug in for an electric, this little tuner is a God send!

Hard to beat in this price range

 on October 7, 2016
By J. Rodino
I think we own six of these now. This “older” model is around $7.00; the “new” one is about $12. I took advantage and stocked up on these at the lower price. We’ve used Snark tuners for years. There are probably better tuners out there, but for the money and what we use them for (mostly just living-room concerts), these tuners rock. If I could recommend one improvement, it would be an “auto-off” feature. But as long as you remember to turn them off once you’re in tune, the batteries last almost forever. In the five years we’ve used these, I’ve only replaced one battery. Highly recommend, especially at the price I paid.

Snark SN-5 Guitar Tuner Demo

A brief demo on how to tune a guitar using Snark SN5 electronic tuner.
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