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<aLine 6 Catalyst 100 Review

Line 6’s Catalyst collection is the current in a generation of amplifiers bridging the space between digital modeling’s numerous gamers and also massive opportunities’ desires for old-school simplicity. These amps supply in-depth, convincing amp versions– but few of them– in a compact, vintage-style layout that makes evasion of alternative tiredness a concern. The really accessible rates additionally make the series a straight competitor to Boss’ ultra-successful Katana amps. The Catalyst is offered in three versions: Catalyst 60 and also Catalyst 100( both of which have one 12 “audio speaker ), and also the Catalyst 200, which has two 12” speakers. For this evaluation I tested the Catalyst 100, which sells for a very small $399. Straightforward Complexity The Catalyst has lots of bells and also whistles. Externally, however, it looks a whole lot like an easy, standard 2-channel amp. There are knobs for increase, gain, bass, mid, treble, existence, network quantity, reverb, master, and also impact quantity.

There’s likewise a handle that lets you select from six initial amp models: clean, boutique, chime, crisis, dynamic, and also hi gain. Mini switches allow you save and also pick in between two channel presets or engage hands-on setting, where what you see is what you get. Other mini buttons permit you to engage increase, faucet tempo, and also choose impacts and also a receiver. On the back panel is an outcome power handle that lets you select from mute, 1/2 watt, 50 watts, as well as 100 watts. There’s also a USB jack, a DI out, as well as an impacts loop.< iframe course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id =" fb890ac1b0ff2b05c6580ca062a45773" frameborder=" 0" elevation=" 300 "scrolling=" no

” src=” https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https://soundcloud.com/premierguitar/sets/line-6-catalyst-100-review” width= “100 %” > Six Amps in One There’s not enough room in this testimonial to cover all the amp models in depth. And I think that for several players even simply a few used with the complete series of their clean and also unclean variations will be every little thing they ever before need. Still, the Catalyst’s capacities and potential– particularly about its price– will certainly thrill any type of potential user.I started my own try outs the store voicing at the 1/2- watt output setup. Naturally, there’s not a lot of output in this setting, though it’s a great deal of enjoyable as a technique amp. At the 50-watt output setting, though, I can feel the amp and listen to in a much more total means. There was clearance to spare and it’s responsive and also remarkably dynamic to selecting nuance. And also it was remarkably very easy to get SRV-style bite out of otherwise clean, blues-tinged phrases– once more, really outstanding. The helpful boost knob lets you dial in extra kick, and, thoughtfully, each amp version has actually an especially tailored increase articulating. In store mode higher increase setups included a lot more gain to the amp design’s cleanish audio, as well as the saturation sounded as well as felt natural.

The chime model, loosely influenced by a Vox amp, is warmer as well as thicker than the boutique design in cleaner setups. But when I engaged the boost (with the handle at noon) and set the gain handle around 11 o’clock, the amp positively screamed– producing a hostile as well as at times piercing audio that would certainly compensate a gamer with a commanding strategy like Eric Gales or a 1960s-influenced guitarist who likes the potency of single-note lines.The high-gain model

, on the other hand, is a fire-breathing monster. With the gain at 11 o’clock, there is a lot of lower end, and also the feeling of the amp moving air comes to be extra obvious. Involving the boost softened the attack somewhat, that made soloing extra fluid. But there wasn’t much of a difference via the series of the increase handle from noontime to max. The amp version is rather saturated to start with.There was headroom to

extra and also it’s impressively vibrant and also receptive to choosing nuances.No Jumping Through Hoops Running Loops Making use of the tidy model, I

ran my Yamaha UD Stomp hold-up via the results

loop. The results were usually sublime and dimensional. The power-amp-in feature lets you plug in a pedalboard and play it directly right into the Catalyst 100’s power amp. I made use of an additional configuration, with a Mesa/Boogie V-Twin preamp pedal, straight through the Catalyst’s power amp and it appeared incredible. And also although the preamp is bypassed in this mode, the increase function is still active. Evaluate 10 o’clock, it included a good final touch to the Mesa/Boogie preamp’s clean channel, making it audio discernibly richer. In my simple point of view, simply the power amp and speaker cabinet alone deserve the $399 price.Though Line 6’s well-known HX technology is installed in the Catalyst, the firm did a great task of keeping alternatives very easy to browse and also handle. There isn’t an unlimited buffet of results, as you could anticipate. There’s a standalone reverb, and also apart from that you can just make use of one extra impact concurrently, unless you bring your pedalboard to the event. In complete there are 18 effects, organized right into three classifications: inflection, pitch/filter, and hold-up– each with an equivalent LED in green, blue, or purple, respectively. If you’ve utilized Line 6 products previously, many of these excellent impacts (and the color coding) will be familiar. There’s the magnificent vibrant “eluding” delay, some modulation versions based on renowned pedals like the MXR Phase 90 and also others, as well as some traditional Line 6 pitch/filter results like growler synth and synth strings. If you do intend to utilize even more impacts concurrently, the results loop is a superb means to spot in external effects.The USB connection, by

the means, enables link to a computer so you can make use of Line 6’s modifying software program, which allows you to dive deep into tone modifying or simply fine tune a few points. I visualize that, in truth, many customers will certainly simply identify exactly how to get a number of core sounds straight from the amp, save them, as well as simply opt for that. Yet it’s always terrific to have choices, as well as if you’re somebody that really makes best use of the capacities of editors and modelers, you’ll have a field day with the app.The Verdict For any guitar player looking for an all-in-one, plug-and-play arrangement for practice sessions, live programs, and also recording (you can videotape directly utilizing both USB and the built-in DI with taxicab simulation), the Catalyst, at $399, is quite difficult to beat. It’s obtained more functions than lots of players will require, yet what will certainly count for a lot of the target audience is just how much you can achieve without diving too deep. And also though the rate might recommend or else, Catalyst isn’t simply for novices or intermediate gamers. Any kind of expert guitarist that’s tired of dealing with tube related maintenance and also expenses will certainly be happy with much of the sounds below.

< iframe class=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" fb890ac1b0ff2b05c6580ca062a45773" frameborder=" 0"

height=” 300 “scrolling=” no” src=” https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https://soundcloud.com/premierguitar/sets/line-6-catalyst-100-review” width =” 100 %” >

Six Amps in One There’s not enough room in this testimonial to cover all the amp designs in deepness.

I started my own experiments with the store articulating at the 1/2- watt result setup.

The high-gain version, meanwhile, is a fire-breathing monster.

No Jumping Through Hoops Running Loops Using the clean version, I ran my Yamaha UD Stomp hold-up through the results loop.

The Verdict For any guitarist looking for an all-in-one, plug-and-play arrangement for method sessions, live shows, as well as recording( you can tape-record directly using both USB and the integrated DI with taxicab simulation), the Catalyst, at $399, is quite challenging to defeat.

Going After Chuck Rainey

When we talked, bassist Michael Majett had actually just marked off a product on his bucket checklist: playing the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. For Majett,

the headlining collection with the War and also Treaty at the event’s Blues Stage had not been just a gig. It was a means to get in touch with the history of the event and what it represents: the deep tradition of American songs as well as culture that’s identified with the Crescent City, as well as specifically the Black heritage that birthed rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz, and R&B, plus some of the globe’s tastiest food. Majett’s additionally interested in tradition and taste when it comes to bass tone.” There are two tones I really want to listen to, “he associates.” There’s the James Jamerson thing– or maybe a much better summary would certainly be the Chuck Rainey thing, where you’ve got flatwounds and you’re silencing– and then there

‘s that grind-y rock point, which is somewhat overdriven but has a great deal of depth. And also I can solve in the zone with my amps, although they’re very different.” At New Orleans ‘Jazz Fest, he used a backline amp, naturally. But in the house in Nashville, where he’s earned a track record as a live-gig MVP because relocating from Atlanta with the modern Christian band Truth 24 years back, he’s obtained a set of workhorses that aid propel his penchant for deep-resonating melodic grooves: a Ampeg B-15N and a hybrid Markbass TTE 500 Randy Jackson trademark model.Depth is crucial to Majett’s playing– in both his round, abundant, plump sound, which seems to press more air than a jet engine, and his onstage adaptability. He also regularly carries out with Billy Prine (John Prine’s brother), country legacy musician T. Graham Brown, emotional singer-songwriter Jason Eskridge, haunting singer as well as songwriter Luella, and respected songwriter, vocalist, and also guitar player Tim Carroll. His gigs with Carroll, who was featured in this column in August 2021, are especially totally free ranging. Carroll is an edgy improvisor with a substantial collection of styles as well as tracks, that drops brand-new tunes into his regular two-and-a-half hour sets without wedding rehearsal. And also there’s no set listing. So, Majett has to be ready for every little thing from blowing up punk origins ‘n’ roll to jams that evoke Led Zeppelin. In addition to that, Majett seems to be in the mobile phone of every Nashville bandleader who could need a sub, so if you spend even a brief time club jumping in Music City, you’re bound to see him onstage.

” There’s the James Jamerson point– or possibly a far better description would certainly be the Chuck Rainey thing, where you’ve got flatwounds as well as you’re muting.”

For many local programs, Majett brings the TTE 500– a 500-watt hybrid head that creates tones with 3 ECC83 preamp tubes, plus an ECC81 for its compressor. The amp has traditional controls: 3-band EQ, compressor, master, and also gain dials, plus a modern-day spin in the “colour” knob, a filter Majett states makes the amp sound “extra tube-y. I’m an all-tube lover, as well as this comes actually close. I keep my EQs directly and also keep the gain reduced. The odd point is, I can transform all of it the method up and it actually doesn’t misshape. It gets a little a lot more trebly, but that’s okay.”

He seems to prefer his 1973 B-15N extra, but, despite having a 1×15 cab, the TTE 500 configuration considers simply a little over half of the Ampeg flip-top combo’s roughly 85 pounds. “I got the Ampeg 20 years earlier, and also at that time I didn’t mind carrying it almost everywhere,” he states. “I desired one for years, and when I ultimately obtained it, it was ideal. It’s only 30 watts, but is actually loud and also has that terrific, classic tone.” The all-tube rumbler has 3 6SL7 preamp containers, a 5AR4 for the rectifier, and 2 6L6 power tubes, with bass as well as treble controls and also a 15″ Eminence audio speaker.

Whether Majett connects in his Fender Jaguar or his Nate Mendel signature P bass, the results are basically the very same– a huge, cozy audio with a dapple of problem that’s perfect for his mix of tune and punch. His EQ setups for both amps are the same, and also he’s found the sweet area for the Ampeg’s master volume is around 10 or 11 o’clock. Majett additionally likes the flavor of grit that occurs when he jumps both networks on the B-15N– a stunt likewise preferred by a lot of classic Marshall owners.The functional bassist also

digs octave pedals as well as makes use of a Boss OC-2 and the dirtier, wilder 3 Leaf Audio Octabvre. His most recent purchase is a Shaw Audio Tube Injection preamp. But the core of his crucial voice truly hinges on those amps. “Honestly,” Majett observes,” with both of those amps, I ‘d have to strive to seem bad.”

YouTube It

Michael Majett, with his easy taking a trip Markbass 500 head and 1×15 bottom, holds down the reduced end for singer and also songwriter Luella, along with guitarist Goffrey Moore as well as drummer Justin Amaral, at Nashville’s Analog showcase room.

When it comes to bass tone, Majett’s likewise interested in tradition and also preference.

At New Orleans’ Jazz Fest, he utilized a backline amp, of training course.

For the majority of local shows, Majett lugs the TTE 500– a 500-watt crossbreed head that creates tones with 3 ECC83 preamp tubes, plus an ECC81 for its compressor.

< img class=" rm-shortcode rm-lazyloadable-image "data-rm-shortcode-id= "64ea21297e07f46aaccf3900f5ea4136" data-rm-shortcode-name ="

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” data-runner-src=” https://onlineguitarlesson.biz/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/chasing-chuck-rainey-1.jpg” height=” 852″ id =” 98b5b” lazy-loadable= “real” src =” information: image/svg + xml, %3Csvg xmlns=’ http://www.w3.org/2000/svg’ viewBox =’ 0 0 2042 852 ‘% 3E% 3C/svg% 3E” width=” 2042″ > While Markbass no much longer produces the TTE 500, 2 upgraded versions– including an 800-watter– are still made.

The flexible bassist also digs octave pedals as well as uses a Boss OC-2 as well as the dirtier, wilder 3 Leaf Audio Octabvre.

<aNAMM 2022 Video Roundup

Miss our NAMM Videos? We have you covered! See them all here in one area to discover your next gear obsession.B3 Guitars Telstar

| NAMM 2022 Master contractor Gene Baker talks about his brand-new version that pays tribute to two traditional designs.Learn More: https://www.b3guitars.com/phoenix/Positive Grid Spark MINI Demo |
NAMM 2022 < iframe frameborder =" 0" elevation

=” automobile “lazy-loadable =” real” scrolling=” no” src =” https://www.youtube.com/embed/i7XJdqx9eUY?rel=0″ design =” position: absolute; top:0; left:0; size:100%; elevation
:100%;” width=” 100%” > Although the new Spark Mini is very portable, it loads a great deal of strike and also a lots of tech.Learn More: https://www.positivegrid.com/spark-mini!.?.!Earthboard EBII|NAMM 2022< period course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" e1b3ab79d69ff52f5cc0d75a3994c156" design=" screen

: block; placement: family member; padding-top:56.25%;”

>< iframe frameborder =" 0" height=" car" lazy-loadable =" real "scrolling=" no "src =" https://www.youtube.com/embed/S3iwDgLnN6w?rel=0" style=" position: absolute; top:0; left:0; size:100%; elevation:100%;” size=” 100

%” > Check out a new way to fix your pedal-power problems utilizing a system that’s powered by unusual magnets.Learn More

: https://earthboardmusic.com/shop/ols/products/eartboard-ebii!.?.!Blackstar St. James|NAMM 2022< period course="rm-shortcode "data-rm-shortcode-id=" 929e1b83ce9921520c8879344d9b6855" design=" display: block; placement:

family member; padding-top:56.25%;” >< iframe frameborder=" 0" elevation=" vehicle" lazy-loadable=" real" scrolling=" no" src=" https://www.youtube.com/embed/RzqA7LHYyk8?rel=0" design=" position: absolute;

leading:0; left:0; size:100%; height:100%;” size=” 100%

” > Watch a trial of the British company’s brand-new line that supplies quite a punch in a light-weight package.Learn More: https://blackstaramps.com/stjames/La Bella Olinto Bass|NAMM 2022< iframe frameborder=" 0" elevation=" car" lazy-loadable=" real" scrolling=" no" src=" https://www.youtube.com/embed/4xeAY6l3jGA?rel=0" design

=” position: outright; top:0; left:0; size:100%; elevation

:100%;” size= “100 %” > The well known stringmakers introduce a new 5-string bass that incorporates convenience with a classic appearance and also feel.Learn More: https://www.labella.com/bass/olinto-5-string/Imperial Electrical Zeppelin |

NAMM 2022 < iframe frameborder= "0" height =" car" lazy-loadable

=” real” scrolling= “no” src=” https://www.youtube.com/embed/w-WVKg2Wz_c?rel=0 “design= “setting: absolute; top:0; left:0; size:100%; elevation:100%;” size =” 100%” > Designer Ben Fulton admires 2 critical guitar heroes with a set

of amp-in-a-box stomps that cover British sector rock as well as Sunset Strip sludge.Learn More: https://www.premierguitar.com/videos/namm/imperial…Manhattan Prestige Basses|NAMM 2022< span course=" rm-shortcode"

data-rm-shortcode-id=”4172a22f2555f27f09ffda0536714949″ design=” display: block; placement

: family member; padding-top:56.25%;” >< iframe frameborder =" 0" elevation =" automobile" lazy-loadable =" real" scrolling=" no" src=" https://www.youtube.com/embed/a8j-HHkjNzQ?rel=0" style =" position: absolute; leading:0; left:0; size:100%; height:100% ;” size=” 100%” > Affordability and dependability come together in a new collection of low-end thump machines.Learn More: https://manhattanprestigebasses.com/instruments/Seamoon FX Funk Machine & Octatron |

NAMM 2022< span course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id =" 1d75392a85a1d285d1ff9e4ee4c744e2" design=

” screen: block; setting: family member; padding-top:56.25 %;” > Legendary bassist Neil Jason introduces a trio of bass-centric pedals that use grinding distortion, joyous chorus, inventive

octaves, and also more.Learn More: https://seamoonfx.com/product/seamoon-funk-machine/Taylor Guitars 724ce & 722ce Demos|NAMM 2022

< span course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" ee597ffac6a5b624dca7f68a3f78449f "design=" display: block; setting: loved one; padding-top
:56.25 %;” >< iframe frameborder=" 0" elevation=" vehicle" lazy-loadable =" true" scrolling=" no" src=" https://www.youtube.com/embed/eoJsdSBUFzY?rel=0" style=" placement: absolute; leading:0; left

:0; width:100%; elevation:100%;” size=” 100%” >

After discovering a set of home builder’s- grade Koa, Andy Powers went to deal with a new line of tools that sport an airy sound as well as an ultra-thin finish.Learn More: https://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/724ce!.?.!Black Volt Amplification Earthcaster|NAMM 2022< span
course=” rm-shortcode” data-rm-shortcode-id=” e1fe7ac10dddd5252ae7b95c4cdfa328″ style=” display: block; position: loved one; padding-top:56.25%;” > Born out of a rustic principles as well as old-growth wood, the amp builders show off their new line of guitars.Learn More: https://blackvoltamplification.com/products/earthc…Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal|NAMM 2022< iframe frameborder=" 0" height=" car" lazy-loadable=" true" scrolling=

” no” src= “https://www.youtube.com/embed/ahr1b5swhQk?rel=0″ design=” setting: outright; top:0; left:0; width:100 %; elevation:100 %;” size =” 100%

” > Watch how this new collaboration with Fender has actually made one of the most severe Bigsby moves much easier.Learn More: https://gamechangeraudio.com/shop/bigsby-pedal/Eastman Guitars Juliet Series|NAMM 2022

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size:100% ; height:100%;” width=” 100%” > Designer Otto D’Ambrosio crafted a new collection of offset solidbody guitars that balance a modern-day aesthetic with vintage vibes.Learn More: https://www.eastmanguitars.com/electric_solid_body!.?.!Audient Evo 16 & iD44MKII|NAMM 2022< span course =" rm-shortcode

” data-rm-shortcode-id=” 82b607ea9e57c40683f177633e47e032″ design =” display screen: block; setting: loved one; padding-top:56.25 %;” >< iframe frameborder=" 0" height=" automobile" lazy-loadable=" real" scrolling=" no" src=" https://www.youtube.com/embed/E4G7ggNArks?rel=0" design=" setting: outright; top:0

; left:0; size:100%; height:100

%;” width= “100%” > A pair of feature-packed interfaces that can cover full-band sessions as well as at-home demos.Learn More: https://www.premierguitar.com/videos/namm/audient-…Vola OZ MOTOR HOME TNC|NAMM 2022< period class =" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" 945180ec02d6d476c2ffa414245320fa" style=" display screen: block;

setting: loved one; padding-top:56.25%;” >

< iframe frameborder=" 0" height

=” automobile “lazy-loadable= “true” scrolling= “no “src=” https://www.youtube.com/embed/UbBtFv4MDdg?rel=0″ style=” setting: absolute; leading:0; left:0; size:100%; height:100%;” size=” 100%”

> These pure shred equipments are streamlined, filled with beneficial features, and provide classic body shapes a contemporary makeover.Learn More: https://www.volaguitar.com/product/oz-rv-tnc/GTRS Intelligent Guitar|NAMM 2022< period course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" 7dc650b6f5d5589531d7d4287a41c59b" style=" screen: block; setting: relative;

padding-top:56.25%;” > With lots of amp, cabs, and effects on board, these tech-heavy tools provide a boatload of choices under the

hood.Learn More: https://www.gtrs.tech/Eventide Dot9 Pedals- NAMM 2022

< period course =" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id =" 8fc99adb119d9850736cb32e8b6afe24" design="display screen: block; placement: family member; padding-top:56.25%

;” > Watch exactly how a quartet of very personalized pedals cover every little thing from roomy ambient’ verbs to EVH-inspired micro-pitch delays.Learn More: https://www.eventideaudio.com/Dreadbox FX|NAMM 2022< iframe frameborder=" 0" elevation=" vehicle" lazy-loadable=" true" scrolling=

” no” src=” https://www.youtube.com/embed/sxulsOmIHwI?rel=0″ style =” position: absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; elevation:100%;” size=” 100 %” > Watch this trial of an intriguing take on an

otherworldly tremolo.Learn More: https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/Godin Guitars|NAMM 2022 The firm celebrates its 50th wedding anniversary with a signature version from a Canadian rock legend and also a powerhouse HSS-loaded dual cutaway.Learn More: https://godinguitars.com/product/session-r-ht-pro-…Dophix|NAMM 2022 Dig into a brand-new line of Italian stompboxes that consist of a functional tremolo, dead-simple dust boxes, and more.Learn More: https://www.dophix.it/Vega-Trem|NAMM 2022< span class =" rm-shortcode "data-rm-shortcode-id=" e2eb9d36f0898391625a187e9c6f2631" design =" display

: block; setting: loved one; padding-top:56.25%;” > Check out a demo of a state-of-the-art tremolo and also get a sneak peak of a newly created arrangement for T-style addicts.Learn More: https://vegatrem.com/product/vt1-ultra-trem-standa…ProCo Lil’ Rat & Lava Coil Cable Demos|NAMM 2022 < iframe frameborder=" 0" elevation=" automobile" lazy-loadable=" real" scrolling=" no" src=" https://www.youtube.com/embed/zgl4JRLNVR4?rel=0" design=" position: outright; top:0; left:0; size:100%; height:100%;

” size =” 100%” > The timeless noise of a critical stompbox gets reduced down right into a micro-sized box.Learn More: https://www.ratdistortion.com/product/625/lil-rat-…Ernie Ball Music Man Tosin Abasi Kaizen|NAMM 2022< period class=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" 3f52208b767510d1b04b994494eaef23" design=" display screen: block; setting: family member;

padding-top:56.25 %;” >

Tosin Abasi shares the backstory on his wildly inventive partnership with Ernie Ball Music Man.Learn More: https://blog.music-man.com/news/ernie-ball-music-m…Martin D-28 Rich Robinson Demo|NAMM 2022< iframe frameborder

=” 0 “height=” vehicle” lazy-loadable=” true” scrolling=”no “src =” https://www.youtube.com/embed/T6ZQhAQp7E4?rel=0 “style=” position: outright; leading:0; left:0; size

:100%; height:100%;” width=” 100%” > Check out the origins rocker’s new namesake fear, which is a precise duplicate of his dad’s flattop.Learn More: https://www.martinguitar.com/guitars/D-28-Rich-Rob…Abasi Concepts ēmi Series Guitars|NAMM 2022< period course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" 516a38a9d9c985f0eb982a61c45a7ce7" style=" display screen:

block; position: relative; padding-top:56.25%;

” >< iframe frameborder=" 0 "height =" vehicle "lazy-loadable= "real" scrolling=" no "src=" https://www.youtube.com/embed/dVJBJBLh3Sg?rel=0" style =" placement: outright; top:0; left:0; size:100
%; elevation:100 %;” size=” 100%” > Watch Tosin Abasi shred through the highlights of a triad of new models.Learn More: https://abasiconcepts.com/Two Notes Engineering Revolt Series |

NAMM 2022 The digitally-focused firm goes analog with a new line of tube-driven amp sim pedals for guitar and bass.Learn More: https://www.two-notes.com/en/revolt-guitar/Versoul Raya 12 & Swan 4|NAMM 2022
See exactly how the business took one of their standout versions and added a riches of high-end functions including a gold-leaf finish.Learn More: https://destroyallguitars.com/collections/197-versoul!.?.!Paoletti Guitars Stratospheric Loft Series SSS & Nancy Loft Series Demos|NAMM 2022 Watch just how a very long tradition of Italian wine making notified the style of a set of new guitars.Learn More: https://www.paolettiguitars.com/guitars/series/sig …

NAMM 2022 Video Roundup

<aMesa/Boogie Announces the Subway D-350 Bass Amp

Building on the foundation of the Subway

D-800, the D-350 is the lightest bass amp in Mesa/Boogie background as well as loads 350 watts of power.The new Subway D-350 makes use of a solid-state preamp combined with a lightweight Class D

power amp and switch-mode power supply to provide first-rate tone in a light-weight as well as incredibly little plan that’s designed for house usage and studio recording sessions while providing lots of power and also punch to supply MESA-quality tone for small to mid-sized venues, or as a micro-sized back-up amp on tour.The MESA Subway D-350 adapts for use with active or passive basses with the flip of the Active/Passive button, while the Input Mute change lets you make use of inline tuners quietly. The Bright button includes bite and also sparkle to the tone as well as opens up the top end a little bit more, as well as all the buttons have actually LED condition signs. Separate Gain as well as Master Volume regulates allow you to dial up a wide variety of tones from glittering tidy to moderate overdrive and also everything in between, while the built-in set high-pass filter( HPF )blocks undesirable, non-musical, headroom-robbing sub-sonic regularities. The Variable Voicing control changes the amp’s response from a flatter curve to an extra vintage curve by customizing and also varying levels as well as regularity action in numerous regions with the turn of a solitary knob.Subway D-350 Subway D-350 MESA/Boogie Subway D-350 MESA/Boogie’s Subway D-350 Bass Amp, readily available worldwide at licensed MESA/Boogie dealers and on www.MESABoogie.com.$ 699.00 USD.

Mesa/Boogie Announces the Subway D-350 Bass Amp

<aEVH 5150 Iconic Series 40W 1×12 Combo Review

The late Eddie Van Halen spent a lot of his early profession looking for what’s currently referred to as the “brown audio.” Years after cracking the code, he assisted bottle different versions of the dish right into the 5150 line of amps. Numerous models of these amps are now studio and phase staples, and are frequently used in heavy categories that go beyond Van Halen’s vision.These amps have never been economical. The new EVH 5150 Iconic Series designs provide a much more budget friendly take on 5150 layouts as well as are used in two versions: a 40W 1×12 combo that retails for a really practical $899 and also an 80W head version at $999. For this testimonial, we consider the 2-channel combo.High-Calorie Combo Platter The 5150 Iconic Combo is powered by 2 6L6 power tubes, two ECC83 preamp tubes, as well as a specifically created 40-watt

Celestion speaker, all of which are enclosed in a closed-back MDF closet for tighter, heavier bass feedback. Closed-back combos are slightly uncommon as they are more expensive to produce and also tube cooling can be a worry. Many dedicated EVH tone chasers will probably more than happy for the distinct effects of the closed-back setup, though.The combination has a thin, utilitarian ambiance. Besides a 5150 logo on the top left edge of an evh as well as the closet logo design fastened to the bottom

best edge of the grille, there’s little to differentiate it. The controls are hidden away on the leading panel. Here you’ll find gain and quantity handles for each channel, as well as shared controls for EQ( reduced, mid, high), increase, reverb, vibration, and also existence. There’s also a noise gate control specifically for channel 2. There are three mini buttons: one for network changing and also the other 2 for the additional presets for every of the channels. The back panel is house to a XLR outcome( with speaker emulation), a power amp mute button, a preamp out jack, a power degree button( which lets you choose in between 40W or 10W), and an impacts

loophole. The amazing feature of this loop is that you can utilize the return jack to bypass the preamp while the increase, vibration, power, and reverb level continue to be functional.A Ton of Gain Unchained While the 5150 Iconic is a 2-channel amp, each network has its own switchable reduced -/ high-gain setting, efficiently giving you 4 different gain accounts. Channel 1 has a button for selecting in between clean and

overdrive. The channel 2 mini-button

, on the other hand, engages the ultra-hot” melt “voicing.The overdrive predetermined of network 1 is basically a problem channel, type of like heaven channel of the 5150 III, yet with slightly even more gain. Despite having the gain at 2, the overdrive predetermined is quite distorted. Bumping the gain to simply 4.5 yields tones closer to distortion

than overdrive.Channel 1’s overdrive mode varies deep right into high-gain realms as well as can conveniently be used as a” lead” channel.Channel 1’s overdrive mode ranges deep right into high-gain realms and can quickly be used as a” lead “network. Channel 2, nevertheless, is comparatively hellacious. With gain at just 2 you’ll obtain output about equivalent to funnel 1’s overdrive

channel with the gain at 8. With network 2’s gain up to 7, I was well right into extreme modern steel territory.

But that’s simply the suggestion of the iceberg! Network 2’s shed setting adds much more warmth and saturation, producing absurd quantities of suffer. Solitary notes seemed to last for life, also without finger vibrato. Sometimes it seemed like an EBow at work.With this much outrageous gain readily available, it was a smart move for EVH to consist of a noise entrance on the 5150 Iconic. The gate is helpful, however it has its restrictions. Despite the gate threshold at optimum, a reasonable bit of hum and also amp sound lingers at the most beastly levels.The Best of Both Channels If there were a way to footswitch between network 1’s overdrive and tidy sounds, the 5150 Iconic would basically become a 3-channel amp, with tidy, problem, as well as lead noises. But that would likely make the Iconic a lot more costly. In lieu of a footswitchable third network, however, the boost function, which is footswitchable and also adds up to 10 dB of quantity, is one means to MacGyver an artificial 3-channel setup. I got a pretty convenient design template utilizing these

three setups: Channel 1 with gain on 2 and overdrive predetermined selected. Guitar volume reduced for a cleanish sound.An increased variation of that cleanish audio, with increase on 8 and also guitar volume at maximum for a crunch sound.Channel 2 with gain high for a lead sound.If only there were a way to get

  • a footswitchable configuration with four sounds to consist of the burn pre-programmed! The Verdict James Brown, the legendary amp developer that functioned closely with Eddie Van Halen to produce the original Peavey 5150 amp, was hired by EVH in 2019 to become a major
  • analog designer. He was tasked with masterminding the

5150 Iconic collection. As well as it’s safe to say Brown succeeded.The resulting 5150 Iconic Series 40W 1×12 is an unique amp. It can conveniently

do the Van Halen thing. Yet

it’s additionally remarkably flexible as well as efficient in audios from tidy to ultra-high gain to the most severe molten steel. It’s likewise simply an excellent all-around amp. As well as it’s easy to think of the 5150 Iconic becoming ubiquitous in the manner of a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for the heavy-music set.EVH 5150 Iconic Series

Combo Demo|Look

These amps have actually never ever been economical.

High-Calorie Combo Platter The 5150 Iconic Combo is powered by 2 6L6 power tubes, 2 ECC83 preamp tubes, and also a specifically developed 40-watt Celestion speaker, all of which are enclosed in a closed-back MDF closet for tighter, heavier bass action.

The combo has a sporadic, utilitarian ambiance.

The Best of Both Channels If there were a method to footswitch in between channel 1’s clean and also overdrive noises, the 5150 Iconic would basically end up being a 3-channel amp, with tidy, crunch, as well as lead sounds.

The resulting 5150 Iconic Series 40W 1×12 is an unique amp.

How Many Amps Do You Use?

Kevin Morby joins the discussion of what we’re plugging our guitars into these days. Plus, musical obsessions!

Q: Do you own or use more than one amp—why or why not?

Kevin Morby — Guest Picker

Kevin Morby

A: I technically own four different amps. Two different Orange 15-watt practice amps that are great for recording and running vocals through in my living room. I also own a Supro and Fender Vibrolux. The Fender Vibrolux is my most used amp, and the Supro is good if I ever want a lot of overdrive.

Kevin Morby’s Current Obsession:

My current musical obsession is MJ Lenderman, a young artist from Asheville, North Carolina, who is making incredible music. If I didn’t know his backstory, I would maybe think I was listening to a lost demo from the early ’90s Drag City submissions bin. But it’s not from then, it’s from now, and it’s amazing. I listened to it while mowing the lawn recently and it was perfect lawn-mowing music. He is also incredible at guitar. Go listen!

Joseph Müs Contento — Reader of the Month

A: Yep, and I use them both at the same time. Got a Vox Night Train combo set clean and a Marshall Class 5 set dirty, and the resulting sound is a sparkly, gritty mix. Chimey and articulate, while warm and meaty. Best of both worlds.

Eventually I want a Fender ’65 Princeton Reissue and a Marshall Silver Jubilee 20-watt combo to really accentuate those qualities. I also use stereo delay and ping-pong the signal between the two amps. The further I physically keep the amps away from each other, the more dramatic the effect. It’s trippy and atmospheric AF, fills out the space between notes, and I love it.

Joseph Müs Contento Current Obsession:

Continuing to build the coolest guitars I can. I’ve settled into my job at Gibson Custom and have slowly built up a woodshop of my very own. The inaugural build that I just started this spring is my entry to this year’s Great Guitar Build-Off. I’m excited to dig my teeth into my new tools and techniques and to see how far I’ve come as a luthier in the past two years!

Shawn Hammond — Chief Content Officer

A: Yes! I love the variety of tones and textures imparted by different types of power tubes—and that you can further tweak responsiveness with preamp-tube swaps.

My ’76 Fender Vibrolux Reverb (6L6 tubes) is a killer pedal platform and pairing it with a Fender Rumble 200 bass amp adds massive oomph. An old Fender Vibro Champ (6V6) is great for middle-of-the-night playing that still sounds nice (I hate headphones).

A Sound City SC30 (KT66s) yields a huge array of British tones with killer reverb, a Goodsell Valpreux 21 (6973s) is great for soulful, old-school tones at a reasonable volume, while a Jaguar HC50 (EL34s) combo has big, brawny sounds, thanks to its Hiwatt-esque circuit and oversized cab.

Shawn Hammond’s Current Obsession: 

Current obsession: Fontaines D.C.’s new album, Skinty Fia.

Ted Drozdowski — Senior Editor

A: I’ve curated my amps for a wide variety of tones, and I love having Marshall, Fender, Carr, Supro, Orange, and Quilter sounds at ready for the stage—where I run in stereo—and studio.

After many years, I’ve found a voice as a guitarist that’s my own, and blending a variety of amps, guitars, and effects is part of it.

Ted Drozdowski’s Current Obsession:

Germanium fuzz and octave fuzz pedals. Over the past year I’ve gone deep into fuzzworld and acquired a pile of stomps, including three custom builds (my one-off Burns Buzzaround clone with four germanium chips is satanically heavenly), and they’ve expanded my sonic vocabulary even more. I want to keep it expanding, like the universe.

Positive Grid Spark MINI – NAMM 2022

Although the new Spark Mini is extremely portable, it packs a lot of punch and a ton of tech.

Spark Mini

Making its in-person debut at NAMM, Spark MINI is a battery-powered, portable smart amp & Bluetooth speaker for casual guitar playing, practicing, and music listening anywhere. Dual, angled speakers deliver detailed, multi-dimensional sound. A downward-facing passive radiator offers tight, punchy (and surprisingly loud) bass performance. Custom onboard EQ scenarios can also be selected for listening or playing music.

The free Spark smart app offers a lineup of pedals and amps that let you dial in your own tone. The app’s smart technology can generate bass and drum backing tracks to jam along with you, and their complexity changes in realtime based on your playing. The app can also display realtime guitar chords for nearly any song you’d like to learn.

Additional Spark MINI features:
– Use it as a Bluetooth speaker for streaming music and playing along
– Includes onboard amp and effects models
-Smart Out can switch between headphone and line out
-Use Spark MINI as an audio interface to record to a computer

Acoustic Guitars and Fender Amps

Have you ever tried to plug your acoustic guitar into a classic-style Fender amp? There are some hurdles to overcome, and this month I’ll provide some advice on how to get past them. But first, some background.

Amps made for electric guitars are carefully designed and matched to the voltages and frequency profiles of signals delivered by electromagnetic pickups. An amp sounds best when it does a good job at amplifying or filtering out certain frequencies. So many of us have stumbled upon challenges when the input signal—say from an acoustic guitar or other instrument—is way different than what the amp expects.

A guitar signal is initially created by moving the strings. The more vibrating metal mass closer to the pickup’s magnet, the more magnetic pull and more current is induced inside the coil wire in the pickups. More windings and stronger magnets induce more current, but also reduce brightness and clarity. The coil-wire thickness, wire material, and coating material and thickness also play a role in signal strength and frequency response. The signal voltage produced by a pickup is low—typically between 0.1 and 1V—and contains frequencies between 80 and 1200 Hz.

On the amp side, there are even more factors that amplify or weaken certain frequencies—so-called frequency filtering. Take a vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb. It is designed with specific tubes, resistors, and caps in the preamp stage to amplify a weak input signal and shape it through EQ, mix in some reverb, and transport the result to the power amp circuit, which does three things. First, it splits and duplicates that result into an inverted signal, then it amplifies the two signals as much as possible, and then feeds them into each side of a power transformer that alters the resulting voltage to a suitable level for a loudspeaker. That’s typically 30 to 50V. The speaker cabinet and loudspeaker itself are the final stage in delivering a filtered and amplified guitar tone.

For acoustic guitars I prefer modern American-style speakers that can handle high power and both a firm bass response and a crisp top end.

If you hook up other instruments, like an acoustic guitar or a harmonica with a microphone, and feed an electric guitar amp their signals, you will get totally different results throughout the circuit. You may not get the tone you expect, or, in the worst case, you might damage the amp. But generally, all passive sources with electromagnetic coil pickups are safe to use. This includes piezo pickups mounted to the bridge of an acoustic guitar and vocal microphones. Since they are not powered by an external source like a 9V battery, they are passive and create a weak signal.

You should be careful using electrically powered sources like an acoustic guitar with a battery-powered preamp and EQ. Also, electric pianos, synthesizers, or Bluetooth speakers with mini-jack outputs are dangerous, too, since they can easily blow the loudspeakers due to a wrong volume or EQ setting. Electric pianos can sound very good through a vintage Fender amp. I’ve seen Fender Rhodes keyboards played through Twin Reverbs, and we’ve all heard organs through Leslie/Vibratone speakers, which can be run by Fender guitar amps.

Acoustic guitars with active pickups can be difficult. With typical default amp settings for electric guitar, the tone is narrow and focused around certain mid frequencies. It lacks fullness, top-end clarity, and overall balance. So, I have some tricks you should try if you’re experimenting with this option. First, set all the EQ knobs to 10. This allows the guitar signal to travel through the preamp section with minimum change of tone. Be very careful with volume and start low—at around 1.5—and increase from there. I find big, powerful Fender amps are best for this, since they have plenty of clean headroom and wide EQ possibilities with a full set of bass, mid, treble, and bright-switch controls. And that makes them less prone to howling feedback.

A big speaker cabinet will enhance the low end, allowing the preamp and power amp to relax more without maxing out clean headroom. Remember that the power and energy lie in the bass. I suggest the silver-panel 40-watt Bandmaster Reverb and 85-watt Showman Reverb as practical amp heads for acoustic purposes. I use my Bandmaster Reverb with a 1×12 extension cabinet loaded with an Eminence Maverick. For acoustic guitars, I prefer modern American-style speakers that can handle high power and both a firm bass response and a crisp top end. Speakers are very important for your tone. The guitar’s pickups are also important, together with a correct setup, so the action permits the optimum proximity of the pickups.

Acoustic pickups don’t have to be expensive. They just need to be balanced and clear. A good guitar amp and some careful adjustments of the controls will do the rest.