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Acoustic blues lesson – Easy Songs 1 (Guitar Lesson)

Free chord Ebook here

Acoustic blues lesson – Easy Songs 1 (Guitar Lesson)

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Free chord Ebook here

Acoustic blues lesson – Easy Songs 1 (Guitar Lesson)

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Blues Soloing Secrets – Unlocking The Pentatonic Scale – Guitar Lesson

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Free Guitar Lessons: Country Blues Fingerpicking : All About Syncopation & Blues Fingerpicking

Learn about syncopation as you learn how to fingerpick the blues on the guitar, from a professional guitar player in this free video music lesson.

Expert: Amanda Claire
Bio: Amanda Claire is a leather artist currently living in Austin, Texas, where she specializes on custom pieces that blend traditional technique with modern designs.… Read the rest

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb – Solo Performance – Guitar Lesson with Jamie Humphries

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Pink Floyd Guitar lesson on 'Comfortably Numb' is taught by Jamie Humphries on the DVD 'Learn To Play Dave Gilmour Solos'. Jamie teaches you the solos that Dave Gilmour performed in 5 of the Pink Floyd songs.… Read the rest

Guitar Lesson – Lead Guitar Solos – Major Pentatonic Scale – Relative Minor/Major Concept

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Solo Techniques DVD bundle

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Guitar Lesson: How To Play Old School 12 Bar Blues #1 EASY PART 1 Beginners The Chords Key E 145

EricBlackmonMusic Videos
The # 1 Electric Guitar Solo Tutorial On YouTube!
12 Bar Blues # 1 For Beginners
10 Tracks You Could Have fun with The 12 Bar Blues
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Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits #1of4 (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-322) How to play

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits
Extra Information:
In the 4 component guitar lesson I will show you how you can play Sultans of Swing by Alarming Straits.

This first part runs through all the rhythms guitar components, the chords and also strumming.… Read the rest

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

See to download and install the tablature for this lesson. In this blues guitar lesson, I show you extensive how to play a really quick blues solo on an acoustic guitar in the style of Eric Clapton.

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Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing

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35 Blues Licks Guitar Lesson

Backing tracks: Slow Blues: 14:17, Tasteful Blues: 18:14, Blues Duet: 22:18, Kenny Wayne Style: 25:13 Even more blues licks:

Slow Blues Lesson:
Tasteful Blues Soloing Lesson:
Blues Duet Rhythm & Solo Lesson:
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Phrasing Lesson:

Blues licks shown in this video:

Kenny Wayne Style – 00:03
Xtreme Bending – 00:19
Dual Lickin' – 00:40
Eric Clapton Design – 01:39
SRV Design Closing – 01:59
Traffic jam Lick – 02:18
SRV Turn-around – 02:36
Modern Blues – 03:02
Dual Quits – 03:20
Turnaround – 03:39
Robben Ford Design – 04:13
Ending Lick In E – 04:31
SRV Design – 05:10
Significant Minor Lick – 05:30
Albert King Style – 06:09
Traditional Shuffle – 06:32
E Blues – 06:52
SRV Design Shuffle – 07:08
Slow Blues – 07:27
I-iV-V Rhythm – 07:50
Blues Riff – 08:34
Mix-O-Major – 08:56
Blues Rhythm – 09:28
Pentatonic Legato – 09:51
Bluesy Groove – 10:13
Blues Power – 10:36
Minor Comping – 10:56
Pentatonic Power – 11:19
Kenny Wayne Style Closing – 11:40
Robben Ford Design – 12:06
Blues Rake Lick – 12:26
BB King Style Lick – 12:57
Mix Comping – 13:20
SRV Design Flexing – 13:35
BB King Design – 13:56

Associated '30 Blues Greats' video clip:

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