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Jackson Audio The Optimist Review

Jackson Audio’s pedal cooperation with modern funk hero Cory Wong can have taken a couple of different paths. Considering Wong’s design, a compressor would certainly have been an evident option. Rather, the Optimist is a twin overdrive that builds on a Klon-inspired baseline, adds a second overdrive, and has a smart EQ to develop a super-flexible overdrive. Named after Wong’s second album, The Optimist fits Wong’s fun-loving as well as abundant individuality. But it additionally explains the method you may approach a gig with this pedal in hand. With each other, the two different overdrives and also active EQ give you enough tones to cover virtually any job this side of Slayer cover band.Attacking the Klones

Jackson Audio’s pedals

are constantly practical, and The Optimist is specifically so. Each overdrive circuit has actually devoted tone, gain, and volume handles. When you hit both switches over at as soon as, just underneath those are a trio of small EQ controls that brighten. And since the EQ can be utilized separately, you actually obtain three tramples in one. That’s remarkable given The Optimist’s small size.Modeling a circuit based on the Klon Centaur is absolutely nothing new.

Jackson Audio added sufficient tone-shaping control to make the Klon-inspired OD1 side of The Optimist much more flexible than the typical klone. Without an original Centaur available, I used Electro-Harmonix Soul Food as a standard, which I made use of with a Schroeder Chopper TL, Fender Player Jaguar, as well as a Fender HSS Stratocaster plugged into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.premierguitar ยท Jackson Audio Optimist Review

Some Klon individuals like that pedal’s mid-heavy, medium-gain work. Others prefer to utilize it as a robust clean increase. I discovered that the Klon-inspired side of The Optimist is most oriented toward the first application. With the gain all the way down, it has a bit more bite and grit than the Soul Food. In Clip 1 you can listen to an instance with the volume at about 1 o’clock and the tone at twelve noon. It’s a very healthy low-gain tone that I can think of as an always-on, foundational sound for a lot of applications. The series of the gain handle is especially inviting. I couldn’t locate a “dead” place anywhere in the gain control’s array. Optimum gain levels have less premium sizzle as well as a little bit much more general gain than many klones [Clip 2] And you sense that Jackson Audio and Wong intended to discover one of the most functional and musical feasible range of gain tones that a Klon-style circuit allows.

Flat Is Fabulous

The OD2 side of The Optimist offers you flatter frequency response as well as even more transparency. Wong contrasts this side of the pedal to a Timmy or a ZenDrive. Internally, your signal hits OD2 very first after that OD1 before the active EQ. It’s an excellent empty canvas since OD2’s flatter reaction protects even more of your initial tone. As well as with the EQ controls I might conveniently get more Screamer-like noises or enlarge my lead lines.Setting all knobs to

noon produced a fantastic crispy tone that matched well with P-90s. Similar to the OD1, the OD2’s gain as well as tone knobs have a broad move. Neither side of The Optimist would identify as “high gain,”also at optimum worths, yet there are plenty of good hard-rock tones offered– especially if you make use of humbuckers.The Bandaxall-derived EQ involves when you hit both switches over at the same time. And you can increase or cut the bass, middle, or treble regularity bands approximately 12 dB from the noontime position. Utilized by itself, this EQ helped me darken the tone of an excessively brilliant Telecaster as well as tame the woofy reduced end from a Jaguar. I’ve never made use of specialized EQ pedal in my chain, but The Optimist absolutely opened my ears to the possibilities.The Verdict I keep in mind the very first time I played a genuine Klon. It had not been my thing. Over the years I’ve developed a healthy and balanced appreciation for this subgenre of overdrives. At this moment there are numerous variants on the circuit that credibility is less important than what connects with your particular having fun style. The Optimist takes this a lot more broad-minded considering a klone’s possibilities, as well as includes a flat-response overdrive as well as a virtually flawless energetic EQ that can assist you tailor the pedal to your configuration in really specific methods.

Attacking the Klones Jackson Audio’s pedals are constantly sensible, as well as The Optimist is specifically so.

Some Klon individuals like that pedal’s mid-heavy, medium-gain work. Flat Is Fabulous The OD2 side of The Optimist gives you flatter frequency feedback and also more transparency.

Setting all handles to twelve noon generated a superb crunchy tone that matched well with P-90s.

The Bandaxall-derived EQ engages when you struck both switches over concurrently.