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Dreadbox FX – NAMM 2022

dreadbox fx namm 2022

Watch this demo of an interesting take on otherworldly tremolo.


DISORDER is a very aggressive fuzz pedal with a twist. It is equipped with an oscillating filter, that allows you to produce oscillating fuzz sounds. Additionally it has a low pass and high pass filter, that makes it suitable for guitar and bass as well. Finally an envelope follower is also present, allowing you to create wah wah sounds.


RAINDROPS is a true stereo 800ms delay, combined with a lush reverb or a pitch shifter. The delay time can be extended up to 1.2 sec, adding this way a very lo-fi nostalgic and dirty effect. With its handy modulation and the tap tempo, it’s not just a hands on pedal- it’s a feet on! Oh, and did we mention the hidden self oscillating pitch shifting drone mode???


TREMINATOR may look like a tremolo effect pedal, but it is a synthesizer in heart. With a very wide frequency range LFO, multiple wave shaping (including some very unique shapes, like staircase and bit crushed random generator), the tremolo effect is getting to a new dimension. There are more tricks in its sleeves, as it can be used as an Attack Decay pedal. Additionally, it is equipped with an LFO delay/fade function and it has a tap tempo. Last but not least, it can also control other gear with CV inputs/outputs or be controlled- making this a great partner for the rest of our pedal line.