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API TranZformer CMP Review

api tranzformer cmp review

API’s TranZformer CMP is a powerful, if sometimes subtle, tone-shaping machine. It’s also much more intuitive to use than a pedal with four knobs and three mini toggles might seem. And just like the studio compressors it’s derived from, the CMP is incredibly satisfying to use once you get in a flow and unlock its secrets.

Any player confounded or intimidated by the concept of compression and how to use it constructively would be well served by experimenting with the CMP. The effect of a nudge to a given control can often seem minor. But each knob has exceptional range and great sensitivity, so you can take a painterly approach to fine-tuning a sound: A dot of extra sustain here, a bit more output gain there, and your flat-sounding Strat becomes a whole lot richer and full of body and color. The available output is no joke either. Depending upon your amp and pickups, you can use the CMP to readily dish loads of high-headroom clean boost or make your amplifier growl with smooth intensity. Perhaps best of all, the CMP is quieter than a mouse. And if you’ve worked with lesser pedal compressors that make you pay for extra sustain and punch with an earful of hiss, you’ll be thrilled at what the CMP can achieve.

At 280 bucks, it’s not cheap for a stompbox. But the quality of the CMP, the care and execution that went into its fine control set, and its capacity to transform tones in subdued or dramatic fashion make that sum look like a relative deal.

Great Eastern FX Introduces the Design-a-drive

The latest from Great Eastern FX Co. is equipped with a pair of unique tone-shaping controls and is built to “redesign” on the fly.

Great Eastern FX have come up with a pair of original, proprietary EQ controls, dubbed ‘Width’ and ‘Edge’. The Edge knob controls the top end of the frequency spectrum, simultaneously adjusting two separate filters – a gentle treble roll-off and a more intense cut in the high presence region – as well as subtly affecting the aggressiveness of the circuit’s hard-clipping diodes, letting you dial in precisely the desired amount of bite, grit and presence.

Like Edge, the Width control does exactly what the name suggests. Ranging from ‘Thin’ to ‘Fat’, this six-position rotary switch reshapes the pedal’s mid-range response – probably the biggest single factor in dictating how well your guitar, amp and OD pedal will get along. Via this simple control, the Design-a-drive lets you dictate where across the frequency spectrum your amp gets pushed and by how much. Finally, wide-ranging Gain and Level controls mean that, with the gain turned down, the pedal can be used as a powerful tone shaper and clean boost, on its own or stacked with other drives and fuzzes. According to Great Eastern FX, you can set the pedal to be as transparent and true to your original tone as possible, or configure it to do exactly the opposite, making single-coils sound thick and meaty or rendering humbuckers lean and incisive.

Design-a-drive: single-coil sounds | Great Eastern FX Co.

The Design-a-drive is available now from www.greateasternfx.com and dealers worldwide.

Aclam Unveils the Woman Tone Overdrive

aclam unveils the woman tone overdrive

A stompbox designed as a tribute to Eric Clapton’s namesake sound during the Cream years.

Following its lineage of effect pedals recreating specific tones of the 60’s bands, Aclam has developed an overdrive pedal for fans of Cream and Eric Clapton’s fabulous sound heard on songs like “Sunshine Of Your Love, ” I “Feel Free” or “SWLABR.”

The Woman Tone features a touch sensitive plexi style overdrive, designed with F.E.T transistors and tuned to roar like the 100W Marshall full stacks Cream used, but definitely the cherry on the cake of this pedal is the Woman Tone knob. By turning it counter-clockwise you’ll gradually get that silky sound he attained with his Gibson while soloing. It is engaged via a footswitch, so players can switch from on sound to the other.


  • Custom humbucker pickup simulation circuit to accurately recreate the Woman Tone
  • Woman Tone knob controllable via footswitch
  • Touch sensitive plexi-inspired overdrive using discrete components
  • Artwork by The Fool’s Marijke Koger
  • Smart Track Fastening System

The Woman Tone Effect Pedal Official Demo: A tribute to Eric Clapton’s legendary sound!

The Woman Tone pedal is available for $339 at retailers in the US and 359€ (VAT included in the EU). You can also get yours at Aclam’s online store: www.aclamguitars.com.

<aLine 6 Catalyst 100 Review

line 6 catalyst 100 review

Line 6’s Catalyst collection is the current in a generation of amplifiers bridging the space between digital modeling’s numerous gamers and also massive opportunities’ desires for old-school simplicity. These amps supply in-depth, convincing amp versions– but few of them– in a compact, vintage-style layout that makes evasion of alternative tiredness a concern. The really accessible rates additionally make the series a straight competitor to Boss’ ultra-successful Katana amps. The Catalyst is offered in three versions: Catalyst 60 and also Catalyst 100( both of which have one 12 “audio speaker ), and also the Catalyst 200, which has two 12” speakers. For this evaluation I tested the Catalyst 100, which sells for a very small $399. Straightforward Complexity The Catalyst has lots of bells and also whistles. Externally, however, it looks a whole lot like an easy, standard 2-channel amp. There are knobs for increase, gain, bass, mid, treble, existence, network quantity, reverb, master, and also impact quantity.

There’s likewise a handle that lets you select from six initial amp models: clean, boutique, chime, crisis, dynamic, and also hi gain. Mini switches allow you save and also pick in between two channel presets or engage hands-on setting, where what you see is what you get. Other mini buttons permit you to engage increase, faucet tempo, and also choose impacts and also a receiver. On the back panel is an outcome power handle that lets you select from mute, 1/2 watt, 50 watts, as well as 100 watts. There’s also a USB jack, a DI out, as well as an impacts loop.< iframe course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id =" fb890ac1b0ff2b05c6580ca062a45773" frameborder=" 0" elevation=" 300 "scrolling=" no

” src=” https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https://soundcloud.com/premierguitar/sets/line-6-catalyst-100-review” width= “100 %” > Six Amps in One There’s not enough room in this testimonial to cover all the amp models in depth. And I think that for several players even simply a few used with the complete series of their clean and also unclean variations will be every little thing they ever before need. Still, the Catalyst’s capacities and potential– particularly about its price– will certainly thrill any type of potential user.I started my own try outs the store voicing at the 1/2- watt output setup. Naturally, there’s not a lot of output in this setting, though it’s a great deal of enjoyable as a technique amp. At the 50-watt output setting, though, I can feel the amp and listen to in a much more total means. There was clearance to spare and it’s responsive and also remarkably dynamic to selecting nuance. And also it was remarkably very easy to get SRV-style bite out of otherwise clean, blues-tinged phrases– once more, really outstanding. The helpful boost knob lets you dial in extra kick, and, thoughtfully, each amp version has actually an especially tailored increase articulating. In store mode higher increase setups included a lot more gain to the amp design’s cleanish audio, as well as the saturation sounded as well as felt natural.

The chime model, loosely influenced by a Vox amp, is warmer as well as thicker than the boutique design in cleaner setups. But when I engaged the boost (with the handle at noon) and set the gain handle around 11 o’clock, the amp positively screamed– producing a hostile as well as at times piercing audio that would certainly compensate a gamer with a commanding strategy like Eric Gales or a 1960s-influenced guitarist who likes the potency of single-note lines.The high-gain model

, on the other hand, is a fire-breathing monster. With the gain at 11 o’clock, there is a lot of lower end, and also the feeling of the amp moving air comes to be extra obvious. Involving the boost softened the attack somewhat, that made soloing extra fluid. But there wasn’t much of a difference via the series of the increase handle from noontime to max. The amp version is rather saturated to start with.There was headroom to

extra and also it’s impressively vibrant and also receptive to choosing nuances.No Jumping Through Hoops Running Loops Making use of the tidy model, I

ran my Yamaha UD Stomp hold-up via the results

loop. The results were usually sublime and dimensional. The power-amp-in feature lets you plug in a pedalboard and play it directly right into the Catalyst 100’s power amp. I made use of an additional configuration, with a Mesa/Boogie V-Twin preamp pedal, straight through the Catalyst’s power amp and it appeared incredible. And also although the preamp is bypassed in this mode, the increase function is still active. Evaluate 10 o’clock, it included a good final touch to the Mesa/Boogie preamp’s clean channel, making it audio discernibly richer. In my simple point of view, simply the power amp and speaker cabinet alone deserve the $399 price.Though Line 6’s well-known HX technology is installed in the Catalyst, the firm did a great task of keeping alternatives very easy to browse and also handle. There isn’t an unlimited buffet of results, as you could anticipate. There’s a standalone reverb, and also apart from that you can just make use of one extra impact concurrently, unless you bring your pedalboard to the event. In complete there are 18 effects, organized right into three classifications: inflection, pitch/filter, and hold-up– each with an equivalent LED in green, blue, or purple, respectively. If you’ve utilized Line 6 products previously, many of these excellent impacts (and the color coding) will be familiar. There’s the magnificent vibrant “eluding” delay, some modulation versions based on renowned pedals like the MXR Phase 90 and also others, as well as some traditional Line 6 pitch/filter results like growler synth and synth strings. If you do intend to utilize even more impacts concurrently, the results loop is a superb means to spot in external effects.The USB connection, by

the means, enables link to a computer so you can make use of Line 6’s modifying software program, which allows you to dive deep into tone modifying or simply fine tune a few points. I visualize that, in truth, many customers will certainly simply identify exactly how to get a number of core sounds straight from the amp, save them, as well as simply opt for that. Yet it’s always terrific to have choices, as well as if you’re somebody that really makes best use of the capacities of editors and modelers, you’ll have a field day with the app.The Verdict For any guitar player looking for an all-in-one, plug-and-play arrangement for practice sessions, live programs, and also recording (you can videotape directly utilizing both USB and the built-in DI with taxicab simulation), the Catalyst, at $399, is quite difficult to beat. It’s obtained more functions than lots of players will require, yet what will certainly count for a lot of the target audience is just how much you can achieve without diving too deep. And also though the rate might recommend or else, Catalyst isn’t simply for novices or intermediate gamers. Any kind of expert guitarist that’s tired of dealing with tube related maintenance and also expenses will certainly be happy with much of the sounds below.

< iframe class=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id=" fb890ac1b0ff2b05c6580ca062a45773" frameborder=" 0"

height=” 300 “scrolling=” no” src=” https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https://soundcloud.com/premierguitar/sets/line-6-catalyst-100-review” width =” 100 %” >

Six Amps in One There’s not enough room in this testimonial to cover all the amp designs in deepness.

I started my own experiments with the store articulating at the 1/2- watt result setup.

The high-gain version, meanwhile, is a fire-breathing monster.

No Jumping Through Hoops Running Loops Using the clean version, I ran my Yamaha UD Stomp hold-up through the results loop.

The Verdict For any guitarist looking for an all-in-one, plug-and-play arrangement for method sessions, live shows, as well as recording( you can tape-record directly using both USB and the integrated DI with taxicab simulation), the Catalyst, at $399, is quite challenging to defeat.

<aCatalinbread Releases the Updated Callisto MKII

catalinbread releases the updated callisto mkii

An all analog carolers including a feedback control that can obscure the line in between carolers and flanger. For starters, the Callisto MKII is 100 percent analog just like the initial for some timeless shivering warmth you can truly feel. Simply just how much wobble you desire can be called in with the Mix control, which attains 100

percent wet or dry in either direction. Turning it all the means up supplies a wonderfully-tuned pitch vibrato that can include some spice to your solos or some disorienting tape-like warble designed to assist you create your next bed room pop document. Traditional Rate and Depth controls surpass the fundamental two-knob chorus and into hi-fi region that makes your guitar luster and audio just as excellent for both lead as well as rhythm applications, or any other instrument you discover might be doing not have in thickness. We

‘ve likewise taken the liberty of adding an amazing Feedback control, which disposes a varying amount of signal from the output of the BBD chip back into the circuit after the filtering system occurs, for a striking regenerative tone that obscures the line in between chorus and flanger, even if it never rather gets to the latter.< img class =" rm-shortcode "data-rm-shortcode-id= "554d7ac80382bc7f097cdd6f681c9634 "data-rm-shortcode-name =" rebelmouse-image "id=" 6ff9e "loading =" lazy "src=" https://onlineguitarlesson.biz/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/catalinbread-releases-the-updated-callisto-mkii-1.webp

“/ > For more details and also demonstration video clips, please visit catalinbread.com. The Callisto MKII is out currently and offered for $209.99 at taking part retailers as well as catalinbread.com.

Catalinbread Releases the Updated Callisto MKII

<aMeans Huge Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Revamped Red Llama Overdrive MkIII

way huge celebrates 30th anniversary with revamped red llama overdrive mkiii

A leisure of the company’s extremely initial pedal in its most compact type ever.Mr. Big spent months testing modern elements to recreate the noise of the original RL2 to guarantee that it preserves all of its trademark touch sensitivity and mojo. With harmonic overdrive evocative a vintage tweed amp as well as a broad variety of tones from soft as well as cuddly to big as well as ruthless, this llama can bite. Yet it also purrs. And screams– if you smack it simply. You may shed a few fingers and also toes, however you’ll rejoice you did.Features Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Way Huge with its very first pedal– the Red Llama Overdrive Currently in the portable Smalls unit with all the sensitivity as well as mojo of the initial Delicious harmonic overdrive from cuddly as well as soft to burly as well as ruthless Way

  • Huge Smalls Red Llama Overdrive MkIII The Way Huge Red Llama Overdrive MKIII is offered for $149.99 from retailers worldwide or straight online from www.jimdunlop.com.

    Means Huge Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Revamped Red Llama Overdrive MkIII

  • <aChanging It up with an Effects Loop Box

    switching it up with an effects loop box 8

    There is no right or upside-down to wire a pedalboard. It’s actually a matter of individual taste as well as what our ears locate pleasing. Every artist has their own thing, and also our pedalboards are absolutely an expansion of that. For some, reconfiguring the pedalboard is a long-lasting procedure, as well as adding a new tool typically suggests something has got to go, because property is crucial!Whether you are a fan of results loops or not, they can be beneficial tools.

    Among the best pedals in my collection isn’t a result. It’s a standalone results loophole order switcher, which is generally a pair of devoted results loopholes( An and also B) in an aluminum pedal unit. There are several companies that make a version of this sort of gadget. Some of these systems have several other options included as well as some are very basic, without any handles in all. I such as to have a rather easy one spending time, with an input, an output, and also 2 collections of send/return jacks. Each channel requires a volume handle, a foot button, and a bypass sign light. A loop switcher can be an especially beneficial device when creating a pedalboard, and even simply including a brand-new stompbox to the mix. Signal courses can be auditioned to see exactly how pedals will engage together prior to dedicating them to Velcro. I find it is likewise incredibly enjoyable as well as handy to make use of a switcher when doing audio explorations as well as, eventually, in my writing as well as recording procedures. There are a lot of even more alternatives sound-wise, relying on how effects are gotten. The rather basic device I made enables quick adjustments, which helps me economize my time. Actually, it’s so valuable that I have one living full time on my pedalboard, in

    a truly obtainable area, so I can plug and unplug on the fly if something isn’t working out sound-wise. Fancier loop-switching tools can have true bypass changing, barriers, great deals of returns and sends, knobs, signal paths routed indifferently … The alternatives are almost endless. Plenty of pedal home builders out there can construct customized systems for a reasonable price, tailored to any person’s details preference. You may even go the rackmounted, pro-audio equipment route if you wish to obtain extra elegant!

    There are numerous various industrial A/B loop switcher units available that are on the less complex end of the range, like the JHS Switchback A/B Effects Loop Switcher ($ 102 street) and also the MXR M196 A/B Box Pedal ($ 59 road). The EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler ($ 249 road) is an outstanding energy pedal with a few more valuable choices. My absolute preferred easy go-to is the Boss LS-2 Line Selector Pedal ($ 113 road). It’s obtained a little impact and does all the fundamentals. Plus, it’s Boss, so it’s developed like a container. Mine has actually endured 20 years of abuse so far.Whether you are a follower of

    results loops or otherwise, they can be beneficial tools.Some pedals audio absolutely different when put into an effects loophole as opposed to being inserted directly in line. It’s actually insightful to be able to listen to those distinctions. When I started using the LS-2, I feel like an entire brand-new world opened up to me. Some of my preferred noises that I have been able to create originated from placing pedals in the loop that usually obtain chained up in line directly. Provide it a try! And for those who DIY, look into Beavis Audio Research’s outstanding website. There are several different models to develop.

    Whether you are a fan of effects loopholes or not, they can be beneficial tools.

    < img class=" rm-shortcode rm-lazyloadable-image "data-rm-shortcode-id=" 3c8d717bba9da1ec8d49ddc957d78f74 "data-rm-shortcode-name =" rebelmouse-image "data-runner-src =" https://onlineguitarlesson.biz/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/switching-it-up-with-an-effects-loop-box-5.jpg" elevation=" 3200" id=" 2b0ab" lazy-loadable= "true "src=" data: image/svg+ xml, %3Csvg xmlns=' http://www.w3.org/2000/svg' viewBox =' 0 0 1874 3200'% 3E% 3C/svg %3E" size="

    1874″ >

    A loop switcher can be a particularly useful device when placing with each other a pedalboard, or even simply adding a new stompbox to the mix.

    There are a number of various industrial A/B loophole switcher devices available that are on the less complex end of the range, like the JHS Switchback A/B Effects Loop Switcher($ 102 road) as well as the MXR M196 A/B Box Pedal($ 59 street). Whether you are a fan of effects loops or not, they can be valuable tools.

    Some pedals audio entirely different when inserted right into a results loophole instead of being put directly in line.

    Strymon Announces Updated Line of Six Popular Pedals

    strymon announces updated line of six popular pedals 3

    Updated versions of six of their most well-known pedals packed with new features like a powerful new ARM processor.

    The new pedals – DIG, Flint, El Capistan, Deco, Lex and blueSky – are updated versions of some of Strymon’s most popular models, and now feature a USB-C connection for updating firmware and MIDI communication, a TRS MIDI jack for bidirectional MIDI communication, full stereo inputs and outputs with a rear-panel Mono/Stereo switch, a premium JFET input circuit for the ultimate in tone and touch response, robust MIDI implementation allowing MIDI clock sync and onboard storage for up to 300 presets, and a powerful new ARM processor that has more power and consumes less energy than previous iterations. The user interface for each pedal has also been updated to provide easier and deeper control of important parameters, designed for users to get to their favorite (and undiscovered) sounds faster and easier than ever before.

    “We know that all of these pedals have a large and dedicated fan base”, said Dave Freuhling,Strymon co-founder and chief firmware guru. “So it was important that the improvements andupdates we worked on didn’t take away from what made them so popular in the first place”.Strymon’s Head of Marketing Sean Halley continues, “everything we changed was done for areason, because the goal was not only to add some modern features that customers havebeen repeatedly asking for, but also to make sure that all six pedals are much easier to use. Atthe end of the day these pedals can recreate all of the sounds that were previously available inthe original versions, but now they sound and feel better, are far more powerful and flexible, and are ultimately easier to use than we could have hoped when each model was originally re-leased.”

    DIG, Deco, El Capistan and blueSky have a new street price of $379.00 US, and Lex and Flint now street for $349.00. The pedals are available directly from Strymon and a select group of dealers worldwide. More info at: www.strymon.net.

    Wampler Introduces the Metaverse Delay

    wampler introduces the metaverse delay

    Combining 11 of Brian Wampler’s all-time favorite delays, the Metaverse is fully programmable and has an expression input that you can assign to any of the parameters.

    Additionally, for the first time ever, we are offering a complete software version of the pedal via a set of 11 AU and VST3 plugins compatible with most popular DAWs – FREE to all customers that register their Metaverse Warranty online (plugin suite is $49.99 if purchased separately).

    Just like the Terraform that came before it, the Metaverse is an advanced, feature-packed design that allows you to navigate the delay world without endless menus on a tiny display. The Metaverse offers a small-footprint stomp box that is fully programmable, preset capable, true stereo, full MIDI control, and has an expression input that you can assign to any of the parameters.

    Eleven Onboard Delay Algorithms

    1. ANLG – Analog Style Delay

    This Program was inspired by Brian’s love of the Boss DM-2 analog delay. He pays respect to characteristics of its warm and responsive tone and gives it that Wampler touch. This program gives you that kind of dark, smooth, analog delay that would have been found in the mid-1980’s.

    2. WET – Modulated Analog Delay

    Sometimes an echo adds a bit more chewiness and subtle tape-like modulation and hits the right spot. That’s one of the things that Brian loves about the Aqua Puss analog delay. So, we created those characteristics in this algorithm as a homage to the famed delay. If you love vintage boutique analog delays, you’ll love this setting which can almost warp space and time with its liquid repeats.

    3. BBD – Bucket Brigade Delay

    Brian was always pulling out an old Memory Man Delay to inspire performative, improvisational delay expressions. He wanted to create a program that would recreate that feeling, tonally. Drawing inspiration from one of the warmest sounding delay pedals ever, this algorithm will take you back to the late-1970s when the visionaries of the pedal industry first introduced a real alternative to tape-based echo thanks to a humble little circuit – the Bucket Brigade Delay.

    4. JET – Analog Flanger Delay

    This is where the team had a little fun. This Program combines the smooth ANLG Program with the unmistakable whooshing sound of a beautiful additive flanger effect.

    5. DOC – Wampler ‘The Doctor’

    The next regeneration of the Doctor is surely a welcome one and has been fully modelled in this program. Experience the warm modulated delay tone and trail degradation from one of Brian Wampler’s most experimental delay pedals.

    6. FTE – Wampler ‘Faux Tape Echo’

    This is one of our most popular delay pedals and for good reason. A lot of tape emulation delays simply add chorus to an existing digital delay circuit. Brian was not satisfied with this approach. So, he re-imagined and re-engineered it. The result was a delay pedal that reacted and sounded like a real tape delay unit.

    7. ETH – Wampler ‘Ethereal’ Delay

    The Ethereal is Wampler’s famous ‘all-in-one’ digital delay and reverb pedal. This program recreates the overlaying twin delays present in this pedal. This is not strictly a ‘dual delay’ algorithm. There is also a secondary delay layer that adds a new pulsing dimension to the sound.

    8. MOD – Digital Flanger Delay

    Like the JET delay program, this program mixes a gorgeous flanger modulation with our crisp/clean DIGI algorithm to add an extra mix of awesome delay and modulation.


    This tape echo algorithm is a tribute to the classic Maestro Echoplex delay with Brian’s unique take. This delay is famous for its self-oscillation capabilities and this program takes that a step further.

    10. TAPE – Multi-Head Tape Delay

    Inspired by the tones on classic records utilizing the vintage Binson® Echorec® and other mechanical tape and drum delays, this program emulates some of the most important delay sounds in rock music.

    11. DIGI – Digital Delay

    Based on Brian’s tonal interpretation of what was considered the ‘Industry Standard’ digital delay, TC Electronics 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay, this program is super clean for precise and modern delay tones that are both studio and stage worthy.


    • Studio quality conversion 48 kHz Sampling rate with 24-bit audio
    • Full 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
    • 11 Studio-quality vintage and modern delay effects designed and realized in-house at Wampler
    • Includes entire Metaverse Plugin Suite ($49 value)
    • Simple user interface making your sound design instantaneous
    • All parameters controllable via an outboard expression pedal
    • 8 onboard preset locations to save your favorite patches, 128 total via MIDI
    • Full MIDI control with CC and PC commands
    • True Stereo or mono I/O
    • Pedalboard friendly enclosure footprint
    • Power draw – 9v DC center pin negative, external supply only: 130mA at 9v
    • Dimensions : 4.5″ x 3.75″ x 2.25″
    • Weight: 2 pounds
    • Includes Wampler’s limited 5-year warranty
    • Assembled in the USA

    MAP/Suggested Retail – $349.97. More info at www.wamplerpedals.com.

    Pigtronix Unveils the Star Eater Fuzz

    pigtronix unveils the star eater fuzz 4

    Debuting at Sweetwater’s Gearfest 2022, this all-analog fuzz pedal is designed to provide a wide array of unique tones, packaged in a fun-to-use form factor.

    Star Eater is an all-analog, dual footswitch super jumbo fuzz with a foot-switchable booster and variable filter stage, allowing players to easily sculpt a wide variety of fuzz tones. On the fuzz side, newly-available, precision-matched transistor pairs are utilized to ensure that each and every unit is perfectly dialed in to “the sweet spot” that can be so elusive to find in vintage pedals.

    A rocker switch provides your choice of Germanium or Silicon color. Downstream from the fuzz, a powerful booster stage drives the filter in Star Eater. Scoop and Bump voicings for the filter can be selected via a rocker switch, drastically changing the frequency response of the Sweep control throughout its entire range. Built to last, Star Eater brings a unique approach and a new standard of performance to the world of boutique fuzz pedals. Runs on standard 9VDC.

    Pigtronix Star Eater | Super-Jumbo Fuzz with Filter | Official Demo

    The pedal is debuting at this year’s Sweetwater Gearfest. Follow the event on social media for live updates from the show. US MAP: $179.00. Available at select dealers worldwide.