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Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator from Walrus Audio

You could WIN This Lore Pedal from Walrus Audio! Giveaway Ends July 13, 2022.

Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator

Create the soundtrack to your storybook adventure with the Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator. Made up of five different programs, the Lore is an ambient creation machine built around reverse delay and reverbs. Featuring two DSP chips running in series, each with their own analog feedback path, the Lore takes you on an adventurous journey rich with themes of reversing, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and vast ambiance.

Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator

Yvette Young Signature YY20 Giveaway!

You could WIN Yvette Young’s Signature YY20 from Ibanez! In Celebration of Covet’s new tour starting May 6, we’ve teamed up with Ibanez and 2GTHR for this great giveaway! Ten runners-up will receive a one-year subscription to 2GTHR (value: $120 each), so they can interact with great guitarists featured in 2GTHR livestreams year-round. The giveaway ends July 3, 2022.

Check out a LIVE Q&A and Meet & Greet with Yvette Young May 3

2GTHR.co, the live-stream home for guitar lovers, will host a very special live-stream and virtual meet & greet with Yvette Young, Tuesday May 3rd at 12 Noon Pacific. Sign up at https://2gthr.co/ to watch Yvette and meet her onscreen for Q&A, plus get one month free of unlimited interactive livestreams from your favorite guitarists. For this special event only, 2GTHR.co will also be simulcasting to the @2GTHRofficial Facebook page (without Q&A or meet and greet) at https://www.facebook.com/2GTHRofficial/


Maple neck
The Maple neck provides stability and bright tonal character.
Rosewood fretboard
Rosewood fretboard provides a well-balanced solid tone with a focused mid-range.
Medium frets
Medium-sized frets enhance the accuracy of your notes.
Alder body
The Alder body delivers a well-balanced bright tone, enriched resonance and sustain.
Seymour Duncan; Alnico II Pro pickups
The Seymour Duncan® Alnico II Pro™ pickups provide a vintage sound and vibe along with a sweet and smooth treble response.
Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads
The Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads achieve incredible tuning stability, cutting down string-changing time. Gotoh GTC202 bridge
The Gotoh® GTC202 bridge equipped with six individual string saddles has superior intonation.
Special Sticker Included (YY20)
YY20 comes with special stickers designed by Yvette Young.

Yvette Young Ibanez YY20 Giveaway

Win an ENGL Ironball!

win an engl ironball

You could WIN an ENGL Ironball Special Edition E6060SE! Enter by June 22, 2022. Be sure to check out the recent review.


This amp is designed to officiate as the missing link between the analog and the digital world. Soundwise we made no compromises, so there are no semiconductors in the signal path to keep the sound as pure as possible. This amp is in fact an All-Tube-Head. Basically, it is a two-channel amp where every channel is boostable. The Clean channel offers chime shimmering cleans and smoothly breaks up at higher settings. Thanks to the gain boost function you can boost the channel to get nice shimmering crunch sounds out of it. The Lead channel starts where the Clean channel ends and offers a huge amount of gain and can even be boosted to make it more versatile. This channel is perfect to play any style of Rock and Metal music. We used digital components for the Midi System, the Effects section and the Impulse Response Loader. The built-in Power Soak offers you the opportunity to play late at night or whenever higher volumes are unacceptable. Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to push the amplifier´s poweramp to breakup at low volumes.

ENGL Ironball Special E606SE Giveaway

“The Subversive Guitarist” Giveaway

the subversive guitarist giveaway

You could WIN a one-on-one lesson with Joe Gore, one of THREE pedals, and more in this giveaway! Ends May 13, 2022.

The Subversive Guitarist By Joe Gore (10 Winners)

The Subversive Guitarist is for any intermediate or advanced player who feels like they are stuck in a rut. If you’ve ever thought, “I always play the same things whenever I pick up a guitar,” this is your remedy.

The Subversive Guitarist includes hundreds of exercises designed to free your hands and mind from auto-pilot licks, muscle-memory repetition, and box-pattern boredom.

These lessons are applicable to all musical styles. Music reading is not required — all musical examples appear in tab as well as standard notation.

The book purchase includes audio downloads for the hundreds of musical examples and links to relevant videos.

90 Min Deep Dive Lesson with Joe Gore

Three winners will get a 90 min deep-dive lesson with Joe via Zoom. He’s a great guy, so you’ll have a great time and learn a lot.

Duh Remedial Fuzz

Duh is an aggressive one-knob fuzz that doesn’t merely bludgeon your amp with gain but adds a distinctive, harmonically rich character. There’s high-end sizzle and low-end mass, but both are carefully sculpted—think “fat but fit.” Unlike most ultra-high-gain fuzzes, it boasts phenomenal dynamic sensitivity, providing high-contrast tones in response to guitar-knob adjustments. Result: far more colors than you’d expect from a one-knob box.

Duh is voiced for great results with anything from a sizzling Strat bridge pickup to a fat-ass neck humbucker. Its tones are less scooped than on most retro fuzzes, though the low-mids are manicured to emphasize airy, sparkling highs. Single-note lines and solos sing with rich sustain. Chords sound massive, yet they retain definition, even relatively complex voicings that would dissolve into mush with most fuzzes.

Duh is a distant descendant of the two-transistor “Brand X” fuzz pedals of the ’60s, though it doesn’t sound like any of them. Its gain is actually lower than on most fuzzes, which paradoxically makes it sound bigger in the mix by preserving playing dynamics and crisp note attack.

Porkolator Distortion

Buzzy, fuzzy, and totally badass. Back in the 1970s, Interfax, a small effect company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, created the Harmonic Percolator. It was a weird distortion pedal whose enclosure had all the visual charm of a 1987 PC. (Think beige.) No one gave a crap, and the Percolator soon vanished.

That is until Chicago guitarist/engineer Steve Albini rediscovered it years later. It became his secret weapon. Eventually, the Percolator became a popular DIY project, and several manufacturers have created near-exact clones.

But Porkolator isn’t one of those. Yeah, it swipes some ideas from the original circuit, but it sharpens the core tone and vastly expands the range.

Screech Octave Fuzz

The Joe Gore Screech is descended from vintage octave fuzzes like the Ampeg Scrambler and Dan Armstrong Green Ringer, but it’s not a clone. It provides much clearer octave overtones, and you don’t need an extra booster for great results.

Most octave fuzzes work best when you play near the 12th fret using the neck pickup. But Screech provides potent octaves regardless of neck position or pickup setting. It also does fine non-octave fuzz.

Unlike most things Joe Gore makes, Screech is not especially dynamic. It needs consistently heavy gain for its powerful octave effects. But as on many vintage octave fuzzes, you get freaky harmonics and other interesting noises when you lower your guitar’s volume control.

Screech runs on standard 9-volt batteries or power supplies. It was created in San Francisco by Joe Gore and is built in Michigan by skilled craftspeople paid a fair wage.

Joe Gore Subversive Guitarist Giveaway

12 Awesome Prizes You Can Win This Month in TrueFire’s Supersonic Giveaway

Email This to a Friend Every month, TrueFire and partners present a massive giveaway around a particular theme, and this month we’ve teamed up with Sweetwater and Universal Audio for our Supersonic Giveaway celebrating home recording, audio, and guitar lessons. There are TONS of prizes you can enter to win by simply sharing your email, […]

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