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<aLine 6 Catalyst 100 Review

Line 6’s Catalyst collection is the current in a generation of amplifiers bridging the space between digital modeling’s numerous gamers and also massive opportunities’ desires for old-school simplicity. These amps supply in-depth, convincing amp versions– but few of them– in a compact, vintage-style layout that makes evasion of alternative tiredness a concern. The really accessible rates additionally make the series a straight competitor to Boss’ ultra-successful Katana amps. The Catalyst is offered in three versions: Catalyst 60 and also Catalyst 100( both of which have one 12 “audio speaker ), and also the Catalyst 200, which has two 12” speakers. For this evaluation I tested the Catalyst 100, which sells for a very small $399. Straightforward Complexity The Catalyst has lots of bells and also whistles. Externally, however, it looks a whole lot like an easy, standard 2-channel amp. There are knobs for increase, gain, bass, mid, treble, existence, network quantity, reverb, master, and also impact quantity.

There’s likewise a handle that lets you select from six initial amp models: clean, boutique, chime, crisis, dynamic, and also hi gain. Mini switches allow you save and also pick in between two channel presets or engage hands-on setting, where what you see is what you get. Other mini buttons permit you to engage increase, faucet tempo, and also choose impacts and also a receiver. On the back panel is an outcome power handle that lets you select from mute, 1/2 watt, 50 watts, as well as 100 watts. There’s also a USB jack, a DI out, as well as an impacts loop.< iframe course=" rm-shortcode" data-rm-shortcode-id =" fb890ac1b0ff2b05c6580ca062a45773" frameborder=" 0" elevation=" 300 "scrolling=" no

” src=” https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https://soundcloud.com/premierguitar/sets/line-6-catalyst-100-review” width= “100 %” > Six Amps in One There’s not enough room in this testimonial to cover all the amp models in depth. And I think that for several players even simply a few used with the complete series of their clean and also unclean variations will be every little thing they ever before need. Still, the Catalyst’s capacities and potential– particularly about its price– will certainly thrill any type of potential user.I started my own try outs the store voicing at the 1/2- watt output setup. Naturally, there’s not a lot of output in this setting, though it’s a great deal of enjoyable as a technique amp. At the 50-watt output setting, though, I can feel the amp and listen to in a much more total means. There was clearance to spare and it’s responsive and also remarkably dynamic to selecting nuance. And also it was remarkably very easy to get SRV-style bite out of otherwise clean, blues-tinged phrases– once more, really outstanding. The helpful boost knob lets you dial in extra kick, and, thoughtfully, each amp version has actually an especially tailored increase articulating. In store mode higher increase setups included a lot more gain to the amp design’s cleanish audio, as well as the saturation sounded as well as felt natural.

The chime model, loosely influenced by a Vox amp, is warmer as well as thicker than the boutique design in cleaner setups. But when I engaged the boost (with the handle at noon) and set the gain handle around 11 o’clock, the amp positively screamed– producing a hostile as well as at times piercing audio that would certainly compensate a gamer with a commanding strategy like Eric Gales or a 1960s-influenced guitarist who likes the potency of single-note lines.The high-gain model

, on the other hand, is a fire-breathing monster. With the gain at 11 o’clock, there is a lot of lower end, and also the feeling of the amp moving air comes to be extra obvious. Involving the boost softened the attack somewhat, that made soloing extra fluid. But there wasn’t much of a difference via the series of the increase handle from noontime to max. The amp version is rather saturated to start with.There was headroom to

extra and also it’s impressively vibrant and also receptive to choosing nuances.No Jumping Through Hoops Running Loops Making use of the tidy model, I

ran my Yamaha UD Stomp hold-up via the results

loop. The results were usually sublime and dimensional. The power-amp-in feature lets you plug in a pedalboard and play it directly right into the Catalyst 100’s power amp. I made use of an additional configuration, with a Mesa/Boogie V-Twin preamp pedal, straight through the Catalyst’s power amp and it appeared incredible. And also although the preamp is bypassed in this mode, the increase function is still active. Evaluate 10 o’clock, it included a good final touch to the Mesa/Boogie preamp’s clean channel, making it audio discernibly richer. In my simple point of view, simply the power amp and speaker cabinet alone deserve the $399 price.Though Line 6’s well-known HX technology is installed in the Catalyst, the firm did a great task of keeping alternatives very easy to browse and also handle. There isn’t an unlimited buffet of results, as you could anticipate. There’s a standalone reverb, and also apart from that you can just make use of one extra impact concurrently, unless you bring your pedalboard to the event. In complete there are 18 effects, organized right into three classifications: inflection, pitch/filter, and hold-up– each with an equivalent LED in green, blue, or purple, respectively. If you’ve utilized Line 6 products previously, many of these excellent impacts (and the color coding) will be familiar. There’s the magnificent vibrant “eluding” delay, some modulation versions based on renowned pedals like the MXR Phase 90 and also others, as well as some traditional Line 6 pitch/filter results like growler synth and synth strings. If you do intend to utilize even more impacts concurrently, the results loop is a superb means to spot in external effects.The USB connection, by

the means, enables link to a computer so you can make use of Line 6’s modifying software program, which allows you to dive deep into tone modifying or simply fine tune a few points. I visualize that, in truth, many customers will certainly simply identify exactly how to get a number of core sounds straight from the amp, save them, as well as simply opt for that. Yet it’s always terrific to have choices, as well as if you’re somebody that really makes best use of the capacities of editors and modelers, you’ll have a field day with the app.The Verdict For any guitar player looking for an all-in-one, plug-and-play arrangement for practice sessions, live programs, and also recording (you can videotape directly utilizing both USB and the built-in DI with taxicab simulation), the Catalyst, at $399, is quite difficult to beat. It’s obtained more functions than lots of players will require, yet what will certainly count for a lot of the target audience is just how much you can achieve without diving too deep. And also though the rate might recommend or else, Catalyst isn’t simply for novices or intermediate gamers. Any kind of expert guitarist that’s tired of dealing with tube related maintenance and also expenses will certainly be happy with much of the sounds below.

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height=” 300 “scrolling=” no” src=” https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https://soundcloud.com/premierguitar/sets/line-6-catalyst-100-review” width =” 100 %” >

Six Amps in One There’s not enough room in this testimonial to cover all the amp designs in deepness.

I started my own experiments with the store articulating at the 1/2- watt result setup.

The high-gain version, meanwhile, is a fire-breathing monster.

No Jumping Through Hoops Running Loops Using the clean version, I ran my Yamaha UD Stomp hold-up through the results loop.

The Verdict For any guitarist looking for an all-in-one, plug-and-play arrangement for method sessions, live shows, as well as recording( you can tape-record directly using both USB and the integrated DI with taxicab simulation), the Catalyst, at $399, is quite challenging to defeat.