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Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – Learn To Solo In 5 Minutes – 6 Note Soloing Technique

In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine discusses a cool way to learn to solo on guitar with just a few notes, and with 5 minutes of practice, you can start using this cool trick!
This is a technique Steve refers to as "Chord Chasing", where you don't necessarily look at soloing from a "scale" perspective, but rather, you think about the chord you are currently playing, and expand from there to add some simple solo ideas.… Read the rest


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5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning Guitar Online


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Top 5 Mistakes Learning Guitar Online
1- Strumming by twisting the wrist (strumming motion originates at the elbow, keeping the wrist loose)
2- Picking should be done by resting the wrist above or on the strings
3- Putting chord fingers down one at a time
4- Not knowing where the beat falls and understand 'ghost strums' (hand movements that you don't strum)
5- Not building a repertoire of songs

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