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Reverend Celebrates 25 Years with New Models

In celebration of 25 years of Reverend Guitars, the company is releasing two guitars and one bass with special anniversary cosmetics.

The guitars are the Reverend Six Gun HPP, the Reverend Sensei Jr, and the Reverend Decision P. The models are in Metallic Silver Freeze, have Ebony fretboards with an XXV inlay at the 12th fret, and a brushed aluminum pickguard.

Reverend Guitars is celebrating 25 years of building guitars with a modern-meets-vintage vibe. Legendary guitar designer, Joe Naylor, designs all the guitars. Tech teams meticulously inspect, set up, and hand serial-number each guitar. Every guitar is crafted with a sense of purpose, whether you play in your bedroom or in an arena.

Reverend Sensei Jr

Often called the most versatile single-pickup guitar in production, the Reverend Sensei Jr has a single P90. But when used with the Reverend Bass Contour Control, players can get creative.

Reverend Six Gun HPP

The Reverend Six Gun HPP is a classic looking guitar with an unusual pickup arrangement. With a humbucker at the bridge, P90s at the middle and neck, and a 5-way switch, players can get many tones. Add the dialed-in Wilkinson trem, and the Bass Contour Control, and this guitar is wild.

Reverend Decision P

Loaded with a P-Blade pickup at the neck and a Jazz Bomb pickup at the bridge, harnessed to a pickup pan control, the Reverend Decision P goes from percussive funk to focused thump and all points in-between with the twist of one knob. The pickups combined deliver extended highs and lows with incredible punch and sustain.

More info at www.reverendguitars.com. These models will only be available in 2022.