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VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone

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Amazon Price: $39.99 $39.99 (as of May 24, 2018 7:17 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Using the most convenient means to appreciate true analog amplifier audio in your earphones, the amPlug series has actually been a bestseller considering that it initially appeared in 2007. With amPlug G2, the essential analog circuit has actually been considerably boosted, and each design currently supplies three modes. Guitar kinds provide multi-effect performance, as well as a rhythm feature has been added to the bass kind. A collapsible plug device that turns 180 levels and also a vehicle power-off function are additional features that contribute dramatically to improved benefit and ease of usage. The amPlug is the most basic way to get major audio; inhabiting essentially no area, it's an excellent choice for any kind of guitar player or bassist. Plug the amPlug right into your guitar as well as appreciate severe audio. It's that easy! To utilize the hand sized amPlug, simply connect it right into your guitar and also get your headphones. Playing your guitar or bass with amPlug results in severe amp sound that's overflowing with existence. A wide variety of variant is available, as the lineup includes 4 designs: "AC30" offers the AC30 leading boost sound, "Classic Rock" gives you the classic problem audio of a UK-made 100W amp, "Metal" supplies the extreme high-gain sound of a US-made amp, and "Bass" is designed specifically for bass.

Customer Reviews

Check this out, the JamVox

 on September 15, 2015
By John K.
You guys will love this. If you’ve got a Vox, you know they’re pretty cool. They’re great with headphones, but what I discovered is that you can plug it into a JamBox and have a mini portable cordless amp. It sounds pretty good. If you’ve got a JamBox (or other bluetooth portable speaker), give it a try and turn your Vox into a JamVox.

Worth the price. This is the one you want for your bass.

 on April 3, 2017
Two years ago, I bought a different headphone amp: 

Great product.

 on March 9, 2015
Great product … to reduce the likelihood of breakage, put a 1/4 in leader cable on it, with a gender changer if necessary, rather than plugging it directly into the guitar. Otherwise you can fairly easily break off the plug in the guitar jack.

Sounds great with a stereo system; features are comparable to an AD30VT modelling amp

 on May 14, 2017
By Alan Turing
I wanted a “no frills” amp for practicing my guitar in bed late at night without disturbing the whole house and this unit fit the bill perfectly.

Best tool for New bass players

 on April 14, 2015
By M. Caouette
This is the perfect tool for someone learning to play Bass Guitar who may have a family, or live in an apartment complex with noise restrictions. The IPod connector works great, but i have been using it to plug into my Laptop and playing songs through youtube and looking up chord sheets at the same time. It also has a drum machine for practicing with a few different drum beats. Going to buy a couple more to give as gifts.

Fantastic for bass practice

 on October 8, 2016
By Alan D.
This is as great as advertised! Having the various percussion beat built in helps immensely. I can use this to practice with a more realistic drum beat than with a metronome. Needed to read the directions to figure out how to change the tempo, which is straightforward enough. It only operates with the batteries, but the original set I have are still going after weeks of use. It’s small size allows for keeping it in the case for my bass, then either headphones or ear buds will work. It takes a normal 1/8″ mini jack plug; the 1/4″ is only for the instrument. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to practice anywhere without worry of bothering anyone, or need to carry around a small practice amp. My bass is passive only, so needing a powered bass is not necessary. I haven’t tried the aux in, which is also a mini jack.

Great Product – Very Useful

 on October 2, 2017
By chalupa2000
Perfect for my needs! I wanted a “quiet option” as I can’t rock out when my toddler and baby are sleeping. Wanted something simple that could handle input from a pedal board and still sound good (such as distortion), and this thing delivers. Using my pedals through it sounds close enough to me playing through my tube amp. I feel I can safely tweak my pedals to get a good tone similar to when I’d play full volume.

It’s quickly becoming my go to practice amp as it sounds fantastic.

 on January 20, 2017
By Michael Bouford
I buy and sell guitars a lot and am always going to pawn shops for a deal. This sits in my pocket and lets me try out guitars without having to worry about using a shop amp. It’s quickly becoming my go to practice amp as it sounds fantastic.

Amazing sound

 on January 19, 2017
By pjtavish
I don’t know where to begin, this little thing is AWESOME! How do they cram all the sound/power in one little device. This thing hits HARD and gets very dirty. Definitely gets the job done. Reviews on YouTube that I watched before buying don’t even compare to the sound I’m getting. I’m extremely impressed and very satisfied. If you haven’t already hit that “buy now” button or “add to cart” your wasting your time reading the rest of my review. Get yours today and get ready to be amazed. The closest I could compare the sound to is Metallica. It’s deep, crunchy, and very crisp sounding, but I guess that could also depend on your guitars hardware. I got some hot pick ups. I did try it on my lady’s guitar and hers is a bone stock Gibson ($100 guitar) with some humbuckers and it still sounded bad ass. Also it has effects, chorus, delay and reverb. I turn up the gain, adjust the tone to about half, and hit that delay effect. Very nice for soloing. One thing to be careful about, don’t turn it all the way up, I wanted to see how loud it will go, damn near blew my brains out. Lol. I keep it around half(5) and the level is good. Like I said I’m very impressed, if this takes a dump down the road I’m definitely buying another. I don’t think I’ll need to use my rig again. Lol.

Hard-to-see black-on-black controls and print, no FX control means too much of everything, feels cheap

 on January 2, 2018
By Pikay
I got this to use with a Traveler Ultra-light Guitar for trips and quiet practice … the jack in the Traveler seems touchy at best, which doesn’t help, but even when I was getting good, solid signal, I wasn’t too happy with the sound through the VOX. Here are the things I disliked most:

Vox amPlug Review - The Vox AC30 Guitar Headphone Mini Amp Features

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In this vox amplug review we discuss all the features of the popular Vox amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Mini Amp and how I use it for practicing purposes without annoying the hell out of my family.

Well what can I say: The Vox AC30 is handy and affordable. They kept the functionality easy and straight forward, no unnecessary knick-knacks. As mentioned in the video, I haven't used the AUX input too much but I can see that being helpful especially for playing along with backtracks that you keep on your I-Phone or other compatible device.

The Amplug is powered by two AAA batteries, they come with the device (at least that was the case when I ordered mine via Amazon.). I still have the first set of batteries, so if you make sure that you always switch it off when done playing, they last for a long time.

Okay, the following question seems to be of huge interest: can I use the Vox amPlug AC30 with a regular amplifier and can I also use the device with effect pedals? Well, I haven't personally tried to connect it into a regular amp, but based on the comments you see below, that seems to work for the folks who actually did that. As far as pedals are concerned: yes, you can use any guitar pedal in combination with the AC30 amplug. I tried it with my BigMuff Pi and it works perfectly fine. So, to be clear: connect your pedal to the guitar -- then plug the Ac30 amplug into the pedal. You can then either connect you headphones or PC speakers to the device and let the sound flow..;-)

The best part of the Vox Amplug ac30 Guitar Headphone Amp is the price, and well, what you get for your money, meaning the quality. I don't think you can beat that with any other comparable device. I also really like the fact that they kept things very simple and easy to use. Oh, that reminds me of another good point: the case/frame is made of plastic and the device is very light. It already survived a couple of accidents (dropped to the floor), a testament to a sturdy built.

Again, it comes highly recommended. A surprisingly good sound coming out of that little thing, in my opinion. Ideal to practice and getting an amplified sound. Works well with any type of regular headphones of PC speakers. Definitely a good investment.

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