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Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap

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Amazon Price: $6.49 (as of March 17, 2018 8:04 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Tough 2" vast Polypropylene webbing (colors will certainly not hemorrhage and will not stretch) is computer stitched to top quality black leather ends (EB logo marked in gold print) for absolute optimal strength and also long life. Black Delrin adjustable fastening as well as adapter additionally enhance durability as well as excellent appearances. Adjustable length 41" to 72". Component number 4037.

Customer Reviews

Great for Tall Dudes and Clapton Wanna-be’s.

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 on September 11, 2015
By Mighty Max
Okay, If this strap is good enough for Clapton, then its good enough for me. Seriously, I love this strap and have about a dozen of them. The real reason, aside from Clapton, is because I am Six foot four inches tall and most straps are way too short for me. This is the longest nylon weave strap I have found in all my years. Nylon is heavy duty and easily holds my Les Paul. So Comfort issues………If you have a lighter guitar like a strat or telecaster, then this strap is more than perfect. For a heavy guitar like a bass, or Les Paul, I would recommend something a bit wider. This strap is strong and can hold about anything but it is not going to be comfortable with a heavy instrument hanging from it. That just physics and in no way changes my opinion of the Ernie Ball 4037 strap.

Good Strap for the Price

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 on July 9, 2015
By Inna Tysoe
Bottom line: This is an inexpensive guitar strap that works. I have it on my stratocaster electric guitar and it’s set up so it hangs in roughly the same position whether I’m sitting or standing. I am about six feet tall and the strap is adjusted to be about six inches from its shortest setting. So it’s possible that someone who is shorter than I may have trouble making the strap short enough to work. But if you’re about my height or a little shorter, it works.

Won’t make you a better player, but a great strap for the price

 on March 10, 2018
By LarryC
I’ve been wanting to buy a much more expensive leather strap in the $100 range to go with my LP, but can’t find what I’m looking for, so I bought one of these based on reviews and price figuring I can’t go too far wrong. The strap is very well made and it adjusts easily. The problems with it have nothing to do with the strap, per se, but I’m using it with a Les Paul, which is a heavy guitar and I can tell the thin leather ends are pretty much at their design tolerance for weight bearing and I suspect will stretch out the holes before too long, but that’s only speculation. I can also tell that I would be better off with a padded strap. Again, I would not say these are the fault of the strap – it works perfectly on my acoustic and I suspect it would on lighter electrics such as Fender-styles or some hollow bodies. However, if you have a heave electric (the “Les Paul” style) or a bass, you might want to consider a beefier and padded strap. I do readily recommend this strap as a budget strap for anyone and generally as a strap for lighter guitars. I’m 6’2″ and I can adjust this so my guitar is just about out of reach, so I don’t think even rock-god wanna be’s should have a problem getting this adjusted for their preference.

Inexpensive And Adjustable, However, It Twists Out Of Shape.

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 on June 16, 2017
By Alphonsel
This is the second one of these I have purchased. Name brand, very inexpensive and does what it is supposed to, at least for a few months. After that, for some reason, it twists totally out of shape, kind of like a cord on a corded phone tends to do. At that point it becomes a pain in the ass to use. Straighten it out, within using it, it twists all up again. But it is priced right for what you get. Also very adjustable, so this strap should fit just about everyone, regardless of size. It does lack padding on the area that goes around the back of your neck. I would not expect that at this price anyways, and the strap is wide enough, that at least for me, it does not get uncomfortable. Probably if you played for hours on end, you would appreciate some extra padding. This is great for my home studio.

For a few more $, go for full leather straps

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 on January 7, 2017
By Megatron
I got an Ernie Ball strap in red for my Epiphone SG. Seems like a great deal for the price. The ends are real leather, which is the reason I bought it. The slits in the leather fit tautly over the guitar’s strap buttons. The nylon has some sort of depth to the weave, producing decent friction against my clothing. This is really useful, as SG’s are known to be neck heavy, and it can prevent neck dive (where the guitar neck wants to fall down), which can result in a broken tuners or other unpleasantness. Highly recommend! Remember, if you get a strap, get strap locks! I like the guitar savers rubber locks.

Cheap strap, OK results – use with a lightweight guitar.

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 on September 5, 2017
By Jeff S.
Decent strap for the price, and is OK on my lighter electric guitars. Would not recommend for most guitars, as with a heavier guitar, the strap will really start to dig into you. That being said, it seems like a sturdy strap, and I don’t think there should be any serious issues with wear and tear. Couldn’t really ask for much more for the price though. If you are looking at spending more than $10, you’ll probably find a much better strap.

NOT Ernie Ball – Made in China knock-off

 on March 4, 2018
By Jason Cogle
This is NOT the same Ernie Ball strap I purchased from Guitar Center. There is NO Ernie Ball logo, as pictured. This is a cheap, made in China, thin, crappy quality strap. The ad also claims the ends are real leather. I can’t tell for sure, but I’ve never seen real leather that looks and feels like the ends do on the straps I received. Lastly, the strap itself is prone to twisting. My Ernie Ball strap returns to its original position if you try to fold it, without leaving lines. These straps are made of the cheapest materials I’ve seen for a guitar strap, EVER. – RETURNING –

Fit great. Looked great

 on February 14, 2018
By Dana M. Hall
Fit great. Looked great. and this color matched my free tuning pegs that my son gave me a while back that I placed on my cigarbox that I just built. I love to play it! I love shopping on amazon. Instead of waiting 6 months to a year to get a cheap plastic toy that you got off of a cereal box top and a couple of bucks that broke the first time you tried to play with it you get to but real quality products through the mail. And if you get them through Amazon Prime you get them the day after tomorrow when you order them. Who would have ever thunk this possible!

Perfect for my irish green bass

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 on May 6, 2017
I was not sure it would be sturdy enough for a Fender bass but actually the strap is fairly comfortable. I love the color and made in USA. But I can see that if longer than an hour or so, it does press hard into the upper shoulder where the neck meets. A wider strap would be better for a heavy bass but for short term practice I am very happy with it. And for sitting and practicing with a strap, perfect.

Great quality at a lower price!

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 on February 4, 2017
By Chad Richardson
When I ordered and received my strap, I’ll admit that I was worried that it wouldn’t come close to matching the paint that was on the body (Plum Crazy Purple). So I pulled it out and it was a little off on shade but, the two colors accented each other. I was quite impressed. The holes for the strap studs in the leather were a little small but, nothing a little modification won’t fix. It fits great and the material makes it very comfortable. Great quality strap for around 6 or 7 dollars. J

Ernie Ball PolyLock Locking Strap for Guitar and Bass

Mike Molenda shows off the Ernie Ball Polylock guitar and bass strap. Patent-pending design makes it easy to securely attach the strap to your electric guitar or bass, without the need for modification or bulky hardware. Simply fasten your Ernie Ball PolyLock Strap to the existing strap buttons on virtually any electric guitar or bass and you’re set!

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