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Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Set, .050 – .105

Buy Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Set, .050 – .105: Electric Guitar Strings – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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Amazon Price: $17.00 $17.00 (as of April 21, 2018 9:21 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The world's #1 electric bass strings. For over 50 years, Ernie Ball Slinky electric guitar strings have been the favorite of musicians across the globe, Ernie Ball's signature recipe consists of specific gauges and core to wrap ratios for balanced rich harmonics and that signature Slinky feel. Using the finest and freshest raw materials every string is manufactured in the dry Southern California climate using state of the art winding technology and undergoing strict quality control standards. Nickel wound Slinky bass strings consist of nickel plated steel wrapped around a tin plated high carbon steel core for a balanced tone that compliments all electric bass types and playing styles. Each set is packaged in an ultra low humidity environment with Ernie Ball's Element Shield packaging to ensure every set is as fresh as the day it was made. Gauges .050, .070, .085, .105. Part number 2832.

Customer Reviews

Good value.

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 on April 2, 2018
By C Mikles
I use Super Slinky’s on my electric guitars, so I figured some for my low end Ibanez bass would be a good idea.

these things are awesome! Not only do they produce a bright

 on February 12, 2018
By Grimothy
I recently dusted off my old Ibanez EDB 600 and decided to restring it and clean it up a bit. I’ve primarily played with either Elixer or Dean Markley Blue Steels on my basses and after reading that Justin Chancellor plays Ernie Ball I decided to go with the Hybrid Slinks. Holy Christ on a graham cracker crutch, these things are awesome! Not only do they produce a bright, crisp sound on the highs but they also have excellent punch on the mid-range and clear, distinct tones on the low end. Even my 25+ year old Fender amp picks up every note with shocking clarity. Seriously, don’t waste anymore money on pricey Elixers or Boomers that promise to “stay bright” a little longer. What you get in marginally increased longevity with these strings you give up in sound and nearly instant improvement to the sound of your bass. Don’t be a dope, buy these strings and keep on keeping on.

Power Slinkies

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 on May 16, 2012
By Krakissi
I’ve tried everything from D’Addario to GHS, and even Elixir; nothing compares to the purple pack of Ernie Ball’s. These strings are seriously heavy, and will help you achieve a really fat tone. Like the name implies, the Power Slinkies are -thick-, and all that extra meat makes it easy to pop and slap, or even throw in a couple power chords. If you wish your sound could be just a little heavier, these are the strings to get.

Good for classic rock

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 on September 23, 2017
By Sander
The E string broke while restringing my bass the first time, so I contacted the seller and they INSTANTLY got back to me, and sent me out a new set within 2-3 days. So props to them for that!

Tried and True

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 on November 20, 2012
By Jorge Barbarosa
I like Nickel strings because the nickel takes the licking rather than the frets, whereas stainless steel strings are like tiny files that saw at your fret wire and the fretboard wood causing premature wear and tear which will usually expensive to remedy. Another real factor in my recommendation is that nickel sounds better than Stainless Steel and Ernie Ball manufactures a quality string. Plus (and this is big) my bass is set up for this particular gauge and came from the factory with these strings on it… you guessed it – an Ernie Ball Bass.

Versatile Bass Strings

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 on September 5, 2014
By J. W.
These strings are excellent. They have a punchy, full tone and retain their brightness even after extended time of playing them. They’re great for slapping and popping, both in tone and responsiveness. I play them for several hours every day and haven’t notice any major shifts in tonality or brightness. With an overdive pedal, you can bring out a deep growl while still retaining the low-end warmth. With a pick, you can get a clear, metallic and responsive tone. They can provide a very versatile range of sounds, from a jazzy thump to a metal growl. And for the price, it’s hard to find better.

Wizardly bass lines for $20

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 on August 16, 2017
By Gallowizard
I was awful at bass before I had these strings, as soon as they were in tune I gained the ability to play every single slayer, metallica, alice in chains and clutch song. 11/10 would shred again

Perfect choice!

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 on September 1, 2013
By Phreak777
I’ve used these strings my entire life. I own both 4-string and 5-string bass guitars, and these guys give me the perfect tone. I love that punk rock-harsh steel sound that you hear from bands like Rancid, Guns and Roses and Foo Fighters; a sound that I get from playing with these strings.

Excellent strings, decent life span

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 on May 19, 2017
By A. Tapia
I am a sucker for Ernie Ball Strings, specially this slinky type. In my opinion, they provide a balance between the low and high end of the frequency spectrum. I have used this on everything from Ibanez to Smiths or Stingrays. This is my go to set, for sure.

… strings give my Music Man Sterling 4-string bass a good sound. I use DRs and Dunliops and my …

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 on December 29, 2014
These strings give my Music Man Sterling 4-string bass a good sound. I use DRs and Dunliops and my two Warwicks, but I figured that since the Music Man came with these strings from the factory, the engineeers and luthiers had probably optimized the instrument design and set-up to perform best with the Ernie Balls. When it comes to strngs, everyone has their list of favorites and “never agains”. These strings work for me and preserve the sound that attracted me to my Music Man bass in the first place. They are a good value and I especially like that they are made here in the USA.
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