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Ultra FBR2 Feedback Buster for Acoustic Guitars

Ultra FBR2 Feedback Buster for Acoustic Guitars: Musical Instruments

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Amazon Price: $9.99 $9.93 You save: $0.06 (1%). (as of April 23, 2018 3:49 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Let us put it to you right. The screeches of comments WILL ruin your show if you don't locate a method to get them controlled. That's where the Acoustic Feedback Buster comes in. It plugs right into your audio hole so your acoustic guitar's interior microphone isn't really grabbing your phase screen feed and also beginning that unpleasant feedback loop. The Acoustic Feedback Buster suits almost every guitar -if your own has a soundhole from 3 7/8"-4" in size, you'll excel to go.

Customer Reviews

Not really designed for 3 7/8" sound hole, as advertised.

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 on March 18, 2015
By John Ellis
This is advertised as fitting sound holes between 3 7/8″ and 4″. I got it for a kit guitar with a 3 7/8″ sound hole that I made . As delivered, it does not fit. By cutting away a little from it and loosening the strings to fit it under them, I finally got it in, but with great effort. This is not something you can easily install and remove. It probably works fine with a 4″ sound hole, but not with 3 7/8″.

The Feedback Buster Does Indeed Bust Feedback – Perfectly!

 on January 16, 2018
By Bill Lundgren
I used this for a gig the same day it was delivered. My guitar didn’t feedback at all. My acoustic duo-mate’s was howlin’ like crazy. It works. And I was surprised by the thickness of the rubber of which it is made. Good stuff. And very reasonable price. I’ll be getting a second one for “the other guy.” The real test will be this weekend in a venue where we routinely have the most difficulty. 3rd fret, 5th string (“C”) is THE problem. We’ll see…

Works to beat feedback

 on February 14, 2018
By sunesis
This does a good job of stopping feedback for AE guitars, and I have been using it to soften the sound and reduce the “boom” when recording my acoustic through a microphone. Be aware that it takes some doing to get in and out of the soundhole, and when installing it, I was a little concerned that I might damage my Martin guitar. So be careful with it. Otherwise, it does what it says.

Fits Smaller Sound holes

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 on February 18, 2015
By Julia Wilson Brock
This cover is made slightly smaller than the other name brands, so it fits a wider variety of guitars than the competitors. I purchased another brand, and found that I had to force it into the sound hole–creating concern that the pressure would split the top wood. A friend recommended this brand, and I found it on Amazon. I ordered it and it fits PERFECTLY into my slightly smaller sound hole on my Ibanez AEB10E acoustic bass.

Perfect fit for my Ibanez PCBE12MH Acoustic Bass

 on December 29, 2015
By Quercus Alba
This feedback buster fits my Ibanez PCBE12MH Acoustic Bass perfectly. It is a tight fit, you have to squeeze it in, but it fits, and it works well that way. In fact, as a pleasant surprise, it also provided a raised point that I could use as a reference point / thumb anchor point for plucking with my right hand. Great product, recommended if you have an Ibanez PCBE12MH Acoustic Bass, or an instrument with a soundhole of similar size (mine measures 3 7/8 inch diameter) where a 4 inch diameter buster would be too big.

The item itself is made of a sturdy, high quality rubber

 on March 7, 2018
By Jack
The item itself is made of a sturdy, high quality rubber. I have no doubts it would work well as a feedback buster. However, I returned the item as the product did not fit in my guitar. I measured both the sound hole in my guitar and the side of the feedback buster that’s meant to be inserted into the guitar. While my sound hole measures exactly 3 and 7/8th inches, the feedback buster measured just barely under 4 inches and far too large to fit properly into my guitar.

Ultra FBR2 Feedback Buster for Acoustic Guitars

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 on August 3, 2012
By mymartind35
I’ve played live music for 25+ years and I’ve used this brand of Feedback Buster since they came out. There is nothing like them on the market, They fit snugly in your soundhole and you don’t have to worry about them rattling or falling out. Of course, they do what their name says. I’ve played through huge PA systems and used my monitor as my guitar amp. The vocals and guitar were mixed together and I heard how I sounded out front, with absolutely NO feedback. I recommend this to anyone who plays acoustic through a PA or an amplifier. It will cure any feed back problem. This is the 6th one I’ve bought. I have several guitars.

This thing works great. It definitely cuts down on feedback

 on December 27, 2017
By Anthony Soupley
This thing works great. It definitely cuts down on feedback. It also quiets the guitar whenever you are unplugged. We like this feature when our daughter is practicing in the other room 🙂 I was shocked at how thick the rubber material is.

At first I wondered about this thing, and completely …

 on December 18, 2016
By Russ
At first I wondered about this thing, and completely loosened the strings of my Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500 so I could install it. Turns out, it’s a very snug fit but it can be installed and removed with the strings on, and I didn’t have to sand or trim it down to make it fit.

Two thumbs up!

 on April 17, 2017
By Mark F.
Eliminated my feedback problems, so I’m happy! And I’m pleasantly surprised at how little it changed my tone. It did a little, but not an atrocious amount. I would definitely recommend!

Guitar Soundhole Cover Comparison

Guitar: Walden D350
Soundhole cover: Planet Waves
External Mic: Samson C03U

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